Why I’m #NRx

4 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

Tiahrt Amendment?  What Tiahrt Amendment?

OTOH, and in the short term, we don’t need to hear any bitching about the Tiahrt Amendment from the anti-gun-nuts any longer, if the Dictator-in-Chief has made it a dead letter.





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4 08 2016

Somewhat related:


What this doesn’t mention is that when Kaine was mayor of Richmond, he joined with the NRA on the Exile Project thing. Then again, that’s not something he’s going to brag about today, because that involved sending black people to Federal prison.

Speaking of Richmond, I wonder where our Ben has been lately?

4 08 2016
Hard Right

I’m not sure that Neoreactionaries would approve of proles owning firearms.

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