Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

4 08 2016

Vernon, Connecticut

Throwing lighter fluid on people because she, a middle aged woman, thought a three-year old was taunting her.  Further down you read that this 48-year old woman has an ongoing beef with the boy and his ten-year old cousin.

Didn’t even need the mugshot.




5 responses

4 08 2016
Martin Gomez


Are you a member of the mewe.com white community?

4 08 2016

Naw. Why do you ask?

4 08 2016

such a classic tale of The African

5 08 2016

I liked the term “15-year-old teen.”

We have long known that “teen” is a euphemism having less to do with age than other characteristics.

8 08 2016
Nicholas Stix

This was apparently a racist hate crime assault, not that anyone mentioned race AT ALL.

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