Curse of Interesting Times

5 08 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

This country is one flying bullet away from a sustained period of major instability.




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5 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Not a question of if, but when. And, will it be an actual incident, or false-flag?

5 08 2016

At the risk of getting visited, all I’ll say about what I’m worried about is that the bullet hits a white cop or a certain major party Presidential candidate. If the former, it’ll make the cops give up on enforcing the law on dindus, which will result in sustained black urban upheaval which will deleteriously affect the national economy because it will make central cities very unstable. If it’s the latter, then it will result in one of two things: Either a million bikers pour into Washington, D.C. to FSU and to turn the town inside out, or it will result in the same kind of people engaging in subterranean subversive guerilla tactics to gum up the works.

Just turn on the news. We’ve got this:

And then on top of that, we have the 24/7 demands from the media, the White House and the Republican establishment begging for someone to assassinate a certain Presidential candidate.

Not helping matters is this weekend being the second anniversary of Michael Brown.

5 08 2016
Avenge Harambe

In regards to Chicago, there’s talk of an upcoming CPD “Day of Action” with regard to the upcoming Bud Billiken negro parade next week. Cops threatening not to work that assignment.

Also, the police union sent a memo to their rank and file to not volunteer for overtime and extra duty on Labor Day. CPD is horribly understaffed.

Could be a shit show…

5 08 2016
john jones

I have been thinking the same thing today. Your one incident is probably different than my one incident. But all amounts to the same thing.

Ive also been thinking that the Trump candidacy … the fact that it happened, win or lose … is a *sign*. Whether you take your signs from religion, social science, or some other…

5 08 2016

A friend of the blog sent me this on Twitter.

5 08 2016

The left is a concatenation of assassins at this point. The ones w/o the nads to do it will egg others on.

The exchange above–I/we have been dealing with this sort of thing for the past year.

Them: “Trump kills puppies and hates ducklings.”

Me/us: “Where did you hear/read that?”

Them: “What?”

Me/us: “Where did you read or hear that Trump kills puppies and hates ducklings?”

Them: “Oh, f- off, you’re the enemy because you don’t believe Trump kills puppies and hates ducklings.”

Godless religion.

I’m old enough to remember the race riots and insurrections/assassinations of the 1960s, though was still a child.

I taste the same flavor of rampaging stupid and evil these days. It saddens me.

5 08 2016
David In TN

The left and liberals in general are much more confident now. They think time is on their side in that their vote will be higher each election cycle.

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