It’s the Most Ookeyful Time of the Year

5 08 2016


Even though the sacred anniversary isn’t until Tuesday, the problem with Tuesday is that it’s not on a weekend.  Therefore, this afternoon, tomorrow and Sunday will be the days that the sacred anniversary is commemorated.

Bet on mini-riots on the Fergaza Strip happening at least one of the nights this weekend.  It happened last year this time in the aftermath of the official remembrance of the one year anniversary.





3 responses

5 08 2016

Having been marooned in a place like Ferguson in my own youth, my heart goes out to those who cannot escape. It is a circle of hell to have to endure, with no hope of leaving, this sort of sanctioned and urged chaos. Then be ignored, if not blamed and ridiculed, on top of it all. The left and right alike, yet again siding with the most feral and violent.

6 08 2016
Area Man

Why do they have to wait till the weekend?
School is out and I doubt many of them have jobs.

6 08 2016

The clubs have a later closing time.

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