Spoiler Alert

6 08 2016


This whole missive is 25 years old out of date.

And because it is, and because I’ve already seen this movie, I can tell you how it ends:

Because these people are basically Paul Ryan style cuckservatives albeit with a hard baked libertarian edge, and because they did this not long after genuinely racially minded white people did the same, the kook left will react to the cucks the same way they did to the racists, by calling them racists or at least insinuating that they have some sort of racial motivation.  Which most of us know that they don’t, but, to answer that criticism, they’ll pander to non-whites, recruit them, and most crucially do nothing to resist their immigration and importation.  Which means, by 2010, the state’s population grew to 20% non-white.  That includes Syrians that some Turkish-Kurdish yogurt maker imported into one of the state’s towns to work in his yogurt plant, and some of their sons raped a five-year old white girl.  Yes, there’s an update on that.

The story ends with Idaho becoming a political carbon copy of the places these good egalitarian hard right cuckservatives fled, (“Californicated”), partially because egalitarian hard right cuckservatism (among a lot of other ideologies that white people like to take up) are evolutionary dead ends. And partially because the modern right, which, once again, is basically warmed over libertarianism, is a frontier mentality that necessarily depends on frontier geography and demography.  Ipso facto, the fewer and fewer frontiers there are, less and less conservatism there can possibly be.  Modern conservatism doesn’t give itself the ideological tools to preserve frontiers, which, once again, demonstrates its evolutionary dead end nature.




2 responses

6 08 2016

minority opinion but we will never be safe until we have a 2nd Republic (1st one has been Daed for many a year now) with National Socialist leadership…just mho

6 08 2016

“Which means, by 2010, the state’s population grew to 20% non-white. ”

Which means they’re by now just about as white as Chicago was in 1960. Chicago was 25% black in 1960 and the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans (numbers relatively small ) were counted as white.

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