Sunday Wrap-Up

7 08 2016


* The club certainly has the right name.

Anybody need my help?

* The pilot in the Texas balloon tragedy is an ex-St. Louisan.

* We must turn our backs on Kroenke and the Rams?  Who is expecting us not to?

* This shindig actually was a TT on the days it happened.  Of the two keynote speakers, I’ve heard of Pedro Noguera before, albeit vaguely.  However, the other keynote, Raymond McNulty, is a name I could swear I’ve actually heard, but I can’t remember how, and searching the sites where I thought I read it turns up zilch.

* It’s the Bell Curve City Circle of Death.  Even though in this case, the stabbing victim didn’t die.  Yet.


* The unusual thing about this is that usually, businesses are exerting public energy on the other side, making it easy to hire legal and illegal immigrants, and frustrating official investigations into illegal hiring, and putting lobbying pressure on for more immigration and less enforcement.

* Read another way and more carefully, Bill Clinton is admitting what everyone knows but doesn’t want to say:  That illegal aliens are already voting in non-trivial numbers.


* I didn’t need any kind of smoking gun proof to know that they were lying.  All I needed to figure that out were two things:  One, their lips were moving, and two, my 54th Axiom.  It is that axiom which led me to think right from the beginning that professors at Mizzou were behind that mess, and indeed it was.

* If my contention that modern third wave feminism is partially a matter of homely obese lesbians using their cultural power to redefine norms and standards of beauty so that homely obese lesbians can fit into them, which of course is a derivative of Rush Limbaugh’s axiom that feminism was established to give ugly women access to the mainstream of society, then it’s also true that all modern social progressivism is designed for a similar purpose:  That the heretofore losers in the dating market become winners because the losers are accumulating enough cultural power to change the rules to fit themselves.

* No way.  The problem here isn’t that we won’t donate, it’s that you won’t use the money to leave.

* But if it actually happens, the motivation will be downplayed.  Who remembers Dallas and Baton Rouge anymore?

* Just as well, no self-respecting straight white man would want to work for Keith Ellison anyway.

* As I found out from direct experience, these kinds of neighborhoods are the ones that have BLM yard signs.

* Taleicia.  Wanted some extra-large super duper jumbo sized ghetto lobster, so it seems.  She’s 18 herself, and mad that her boyfriend, age unspecified, was cheating on her with some 16-year old.  That’s the way it is:  Old women, all haggidy, washed up, used up, just can’t compete with the young’ens.

* BLM’s education agenda?  Basically cut-and-paste from NEA/AFT.  I know that within the Democrat-left universe, the teachers’ unions and the neoliberal reformists have been at each other’s necks for awhile, and now the race is on to see which side can weaponize BLM for its own ends.  So far, the unions are winning that race.

* WRPT.  I bet the south part of Dallas is the really bellcurvey part.  Lots and lots of stray dogs is the dead giveaway.  And if this is news, then I bet somewhere deep down in the paragraph count, you’ll read about a mauling death.  Bellcurvius just doesn’t get animal husbandry.


* Yep, that’s the way it is.  You know, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was reading and watching the controversy over the Missouri Athletic Club’s men only pool, which was made co-ed in 1993.

* Sarah Palin has a girl crush on MMLP.  I, OTOH, have a slightly different interpretation.  She’s the world’s most eligible bachelorette.

* It’s neoreaction without the neoreactionaries.


* The makers of the “Always” feminine hygiene products are running ads complaining about how girls’ participation rate in sports halves when girls reach puberty, and they inform us that, for some odd reason, maybe it’s just a coincidence, that the confidence level in girls falls off at that time.  They conclude the ad that the way they’re going to stop this is by rewriting the rules.

Of biology.

While you’re playing God for awhile, “Always,” I have a couple of side requests.

* Pokemon Go?  No, more like Pokemon Left, as in left their toddler alone at home.

* Fighting back.

* OTOH, public monopoly.

* I’m supposed to like cheating, then. 

The reason why “on the nines” is a popular age to cheat is obvious:  Your decade odometer is about to roll over, and you’re getting really age anxious.

* Reminds me of the part from that Weird Al Yankovic movie, UHF.




7 responses

7 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Bellcurvius just doesn’t get animal husbandry… or bellcurvius husbandry.

7 08 2016
7 08 2016
john jones

FUBAR has music acts of all different stripes, but here is who was performing last night. All ages shows are bad news, too.

7 08 2016
7 08 2016
Hard Right

Marion Le Pen has been married for a couple of years.

7 08 2016

Well there goes that.

7 08 2016

Byron Burger was going to lose 700k if they didn’t cooperate, they apparently got caught.

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