David French’s Protege

8 08 2016

Provo, Utah

Yeah, some bald headed lamestream conservative wants to run for President because Trump is so yucky ducky icky sticky.  We’ve already heard this story.

Though, like Trump, Evan McMullin is graduate of Wharton Biz.

Utah native?  Mormon?  Fe fi fo fum, I smell the blood of someone named Romney behind this.




5 responses

8 08 2016
9 08 2016
Area Man

Isn’t too late to get on the ballots?
I know this is just a ploy to siphon votes away from Trump.
Get the evangelicals to write in Cruz, get the country club members to write in this guy and they will have someone they can work with for 8 years, Hillary.

9 08 2016

Most states are just days away from closing their ballots.

9 08 2016

Should have seen this from the beginning.

His goal isn’t to win outright, it’s to bleed enough Mormon votes away from Trump to keep Trump below 270. If he can get on the ballot in enough Mormon heavy states. Mormons were one of Trump’s very weakest groups during the primary season.

9 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These Mormons better think real hard about what they will do when their mostly White world gets invaded. Right now they have only token “diversity”, but Hillary won’t stop until the Whole World is the color dumb enough to vote for her D-Party.

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