It May Be Without Causation

8 08 2016

St. Louis City


What it’s all about.


Is it a renter getting back at a landlord? Is it disgruntled neighbors? Is it somebody who wants to buy up open lots once the burned buildings are cleared? Or is it just squatters trying to cook a meal? It could be any, all or none of these things, Jenkerson said.

I’ll put a theory into the hopper.

The map above corresponds very well with the city “heat map” of the map of relative abundance or lack of the population of persons under the age of 18 in the city in percentage terms per census tract.  And because under 18s in St. Louis City are almost entirely black, it’s also a very good proxy for the black population in general.




2 responses

9 08 2016
Area Man

I know the guys that sell the bricks form the old buildings set them on fire. The hot and cold cycle from the fire and the fire hose breaks the mortar and makes them easier to take.

9 08 2016

And I know St. Louis urban brick is a pretty hot commodity.

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