Just a Hunch

8 08 2016

St. Peters

Home invasion overnight that turned very badly for the perp.  Channel 2, Channel 4.

It’s just a hunch, but I bet there are some apartments very very close to this address, if not actually on this street.




One response

8 08 2016

The father died from his injuries. His name sounds white, and the word “narcotics” is brought up. Probably either some dope deal gone bad (though when do they ever go good?), somebody owed somebody money, heroin. I know the heroin problem in St. Charles County, of all places, the wealthiest county in the state on average, is getting so bad, that back in the spring, the county was mulling no longer doing the tax free back to school shopping weekend, which was this past weekend, in order to use the proceeds to hire more heroin specific cops and detectives. As it turns out, they found other funding sources for that, and left the tax free weekend in place. Point is, St. Charles County.

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