Just Like the Dindu

8 08 2016

Madison, Wisconsin

He would have been a cop killer today.  But for his insatiable appetite for cheap fame and attention.  The good ole looksatme.  In the case of whatever Madison cop wasn’t assassinated, he or she should be glad for that dindu propensity.

He claims he’s a brother of the late Tony Robinson, but I think the resemblance is dubious.

Meanwhile, the NYPD cop who was in town who saw the whole thing develop on Periscope then alerted the Madison PD was said that he remembers the assassinations of Ramos and Liu in his own department in 2014.  Good thing that he remembers, because nobody else does.  Who does remember Ramos and Liu anymore, much less why they were assassinated?

Also, and once again, doesn’t it hurt to get front neck tattoos?




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