Stereotypes and Stereos

8 08 2016


CIO magazine:

Think older workers struggle with technology? Think again

Conventional thinking assumes that older workers have trouble adapting to new technologies.

That notion is nothing more than a stereotype, but it’s a harmful one that could make life difficult for IT professionals over the age of 50 who are searching for new jobs. And now the results of a new survey suggest that the stereotype might not be accurate after all.

Of course it’s an inaccurate stereotype.  But the purpose of formulating it and peddling it is because there’s another stereotype, a true one, about IT pros or anyone who works for a living over the age of 50:

They expect to be paid more, and their health care costs are higher, not only theirs, but also their dependents.

The 22-year olds fresh out of school aren’t really big health care expenses, don’t have kids, and command lower salaries.

Plain words, the stereotype in question is nothing more than a cheap labor propaganda play.




One response

8 08 2016

It was clear to me years ago that the H1B was primarily a vehicle for age discrimination.

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