Stuff White MetroLink Riders Like

8 08 2016


Allow me to unpack and translate:

The plan is to yuppify and SWPLize MissingLink stations so that all the new hipsters loitering about will put subtle pressure on the black undertow to behave, as MissingLink stops and the MissingLink itself has been a major magnet for black violent crime in the last few years.

How will it work out?

Two words:

Delmar Loop.



2 responses

9 08 2016
Area Man

I have a Missing Link question. In IL you can’t carry a gun on any form of transportation that is paid for all or in part with state funds.

Once you cross the Mississippi you are under MO’s laws. Anyone know what they are regarding being armed on public transport?

9 08 2016

Much the same, public transit is one of the few venues that state law carves out exemptions for as places where one can’t carry.

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