Waiting ‘Round the Bend

8 08 2016


Twenty-five years ago Saturday.  This is how it all started. Yes, it’s what the WWW was like before CSS; it’s the internet’s equivalent of a bare butt baby photo.

And it started because:

Primarily a business proposal, Berners-Lee conceived of the web as a way to prevent information loss in businesses and the scientific community.

At the time, he was working as a computer programmer at CERN’s European Organisation for Nuclear Research, where he’d seen countless amounts of data lost because of high staff turnover and poor communication. And he’d looked on as researchers wasted weeks solving problems only to find out it had been tackled years earlier.

“The problems of information loss may be particularly acute at CERN, but in this case, CERN is a model in miniature of the rest of the world in a few years time. CERN meets now some of the problems which the rest of the world will have to face soon,” said Berners-Lee.

What TBL did was pay attention and wait for an opportunity to come to him, and when it did, lots of light bulbs went off.

For almost the entirety of the last month, I think I’ve noticed a solvable problem, and an opportunity may have come to me, and a light bulb is going off in my brain.  I want to keep a lot of things under the vest, because there are a lot of maybes and ifs and hypotheticals involved, and I don’t need anyone who is better placed than myself to see my idea to realization to rip off my idea.  I will say it’s nowhere as profound as the World Wide Web, even though it will be very helpful to a lot of people, albeit people of a certain niche demographic.  And I have dropped hints here in this medium in the very recent past to what it’s all about.  I’ll be at the State Fair from Thursday until the 21st, and when I get back, I’m going to start devoting some real time and brain power into trying to figure out how to turn idea into reality.  Though, again, not to give that much away, I think that my day job, which I’ll largely be doing at the State Fair, has given me just enough of a ‘Dex and networking punch in order to make it happen.  Even though I can easily think of several lines of work that would have been better for me to be in to fit that purpose.

As an aside, the WWW is 25 years old, Countenance Blog is almost 13 years old, so it’s half as old as the internet itself.  If multicellular life on Earth is 500 million years old, it’s the equivalent of a 250 million year old continuously living multicellular organism.





4 responses

8 08 2016
Hard Right

Notice how quickly that page loaded?

8 08 2016

It’s like I predicted in the late ’90s when broadband started rolling out: What would happen is the phenomenon misattributed as Say’s Law: Supply creates its own demand. More bandwidth wouldn’t lead to faster loading pages, but pages with more rhinestones that, when all was said and done, would load as slowly as Web 1.0 pages did in the dialup era. Now with gigabit tiers coming, every webpage will want to shove an autoplaying 8K 3D video in your snoot.

8 08 2016
Alex the Goon

It seems like every other week you’ll be “attending the State Fair”. Either your State has a Fair every month, or you’re slipping kill commands to your Manchurian Candidate.

9 08 2016

Lots of county fairs between late June and the end of last week.

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