Brittany Is Not Paul

9 08 2016


I blew off the news about the SLPD ice cream trucks, because while I thought it was ineffectual pandering, I really didn’t get angry about it.  I mean, who can be angry about passing out ice cream?  That’s like getting frustrated over an impromptu rainbow.  Paul Kersey actually made a big deal about it, even though I agree with his assessment.

PK will be glad to know that St. Louis native and former executive director for the local chapter of Can’t Teach for America, and current member of President Obama’s law enforcement task force, Brittany Packnett, agrees with him.

But not for the same reason.

There is a wreck at the intersectionality of black bodies and animal rights.

Or, to put it another way, PETA is not ready to get into BLM’s vessel.

Grab the gluten free popcorn.




6 responses

9 08 2016
Hard Right

Rather than dispatching a crew of near-naked activists to the scene to protest the exploitation of dairy animals,

We know how that would’ve gone….

9 08 2016
Hard Right

Once more for emphasis: Packnett, along with DeRay Mckesson, who also has connections to Teach for America, has been hand-selected to work with the president on police reform and community engagement.

Wonder if he bets on dog fights?

9 08 2016

I don’t think Obama keeps summoning Deray to the WH for the purposes of betting on dog fights.

9 08 2016
Hard Right

More like back rubs and body massages.

9 08 2016

Happy endings.

9 08 2016

And if Obama doesn’t show that beyotch the door it will only prove that he’s staked out a position totally contrary to cops. I knew that already, though.

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