Please Get Your Narrative Straight

9 08 2016

Stillwater, Oklahoma


Okay, which is it?

Are the white people in academia better, more tolerant, more progressive kinds of white people, especially better than those icky sticky working class white people who didn’t go to college or didn’t go long and are Trump voters?

Or are they fire-breathing Kluxers who are spending all their time oppressing black bodies?

Even as good as I am in reconciling contradictions, I can’t find a way to make this work.

The author’s faculty page.





9 responses

9 08 2016

they are the better ones, but America still has a long way to go(white people still exist).

9 08 2016

I just don’t see how blacks and their handlers don’t get what they richly deserve.

9 08 2016
Hard Right

What’s that nigger ooking about? Mizzou looked like the Soviet Union when I was going to school. They even had Leftists in the Business School.

I’m sure it’s much worse now.

9 08 2016

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

We use “white supremacy” to refer to a specific relatively fringe ideology. Black people use “white supremacy” almost as a pure synonym for white people.

9 08 2016

The author’s faculty page.

The first sentence:

Lawrence Ware is an Oklahoma State University Division of Institutional Diversity Fellow.


More proof that the vast majority of Blacks do not belong in any institution of higher learning — and that without AA, especially AA in make-work government jobs, there would be no black middle class.

9 08 2016

obviously, in order to foster a proper learning environment we need to cease admitting all white students to college/uni for at least the next 40 years.

Ditto, with white faculty at all levels.

So that our sub-saharan student scholars can relate properly to white folk, this ban would not include white janitorial/groundskeeping/housekeeping/cafeteria staff

9 08 2016

What? 40 years of freedom from debt?

9 08 2016

This dude is the AA candidate of the century. No white person doing non-academic crap could get 60K in a philosophy department. Compare his publications with white female Assistant Professor with Ph.D. getting 58K. And he has an MA. From OSU!

9 08 2016

Not sure why these types don’t simply go to an HBCU and be done with it. No white bodies (or very very few of them), majority black population with all the cultural things that come with it.

I simply do not understand going to a PWI and complaining about being the raisin in the milk You expected what?

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