Too Much Irony to Unpack

9 08 2016



As if irony was a skyscraper, this is ironic on so many levels.

Including for the fact that Planned Parenthood’s official Twitter account tweeted a link to this.

Though there’s no need to wax too philosophical here.  This is nothing more than the aborticide people trying to piggyback on the BLM cause, as for all intents and purposes, BLM is now the straw that is stirring the left’s entire drink.  “The vessel through which all progressive causes can flow.”




6 responses

9 08 2016

You are on fire today with all of the great articles! Thanks! And this one is unbelievable! Another article that throws logic to the wind. All the mothers of the thugs mentioned in this article had easy and free access to contraceptives and abortion. In fact, every Bell Curve City boasts of it with the stats to prove it. Over half of the black babies in NYC are aborted yet the crime & HIV rates for black males is astronomical (both far exceed white males by any measure) and continues unabated.

9 08 2016

Because I’m bringing the issue up:

(1) I don’t buy the Freakonomics thesis that Roe v Wade caused the reduced violent crime rates starting in about the mid-1990s, because the timing doesn’t line up properly.

(2) I also don’t buy the notion that legalized aborticide has caused a reduction in the black violent crime rate because the aborticide rate and the birth rate are just about the same in terms of racial demographics.

9 08 2016

“(1) I don’t buy the Freakonomics thesis that Roe v Wade caused the reduced violent crime rates starting in about the mid-1990s, because the timing doesn’t line up properly.” – That was as a result of the crackdown after the inner city crack wars(which themselves happened roughly 18 years after Roe v Wade). Our prison population wouldn’t be in the stratosphere had future criminals not been born.

Sailer has advanced a theory that Roe v Wade actually caused crime to go up, by encouraging women to assume that they’d use abortion to get rid of unwanted pregnancies, but who didn’t actually follow through with it.

9 08 2016

Okay, you’re talking about absolute numbers, I’m talking about rates.

9 08 2016

They don’t know how much fire they’re playing with making BLM and blacks in general the singular choke point and central face and image of the Democrat-left. Evidently, nobody on that side of the aisle remembers any history. Or, it has been so long since the black undertow has been a major driver in reactionary voting habits and politics that the people on the left who remember that have aged out of their jobs.

9 08 2016
Hard Right

In a wide-ranging interview on the racial climate in America, Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson brought up Planned Parenthood’s founding, saying the organization was created to “exterminate blacks.”

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