Wicked Feminist Profiling Trick

9 08 2016

Oakland, California

First off, what kind of surname is Anti-Palindrome?

Whatever the answer, the feminist essayist (“queer/femme antagonist”) with that surname has a new essay on how camouflage clothing is anti-feminist.

I didn’t need to go any further.

It’s because high-T man’s man types wear it either for official public duties (the military-police spectrum), or unofficial private pursuits (e.g. hunting, civilian militia, paintball).

Am I right?  Or am I wicked right?

Remember, feminist-lesbian-Jews want women in full active military combat, and Obama has gotten them 99% of the way there.

The raison d’etre of Earth, circa August 9, 2016, is to troll me and specifically and explicitly me.




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9 08 2016

So according to the illogical feminist (I know, it’s a a redundant term) we should not wear black because the Nazis did it.

9 08 2016

clickbait clickbaiting clickbait.

9 08 2016

How about “Hannah Anti-Palindrome.”

9 08 2016

How about (((Hannah Anti-Palindrome))):

From her blog: “DNA Hymn is a collection of poems about the construction, interrogation & embrace of (my) rural, working-class, queer, hard-femme, JewWitch survivor identity.”

I’ll bet real money that Ms. (((Anti-Palindrome))) began life with a name like Rachel Greenberg.

Not sure whether I want to see the military pozzed or not.

9 08 2016
Hard Right

Tattoos and hairy pits. Who would’ve guessed?

10 08 2016

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