Wicked Messenger Profiling Trick

9 08 2016



Messenger: Finding a regional solution to St. Louis crime problem

I stopped there.

By “regional solution,” Messenger means using the region as either a real or a statistical buffer to black crime in the city.  Which means you’re going to be told that we need to merge city and county crime reporting, or we need to do AFFH, or both.

Am I right?


I actually read the article.  Turns out I was somewhat right but more wrong than right.

Messenger does bring up merged city-county crime reporting, but states that the idea went nowhere.  Personally, I’m not as morose as is Messenger about the viability of that idea; all I’m saying is that stay tuned, because I think it could still happen.

What is not mentioned here at all is AFFH.  At least not openly, but I think it exists as a taboo undercurrent; I’ll get to that.

Instead, we get a demand from some white do-gooder from Chesterfield that relatively better off property owners pay more in property taxes in order to have more money to gibs-drop in the ghetto.  (On crates and palettes?)   He wants more cops (BLM certainly won’t approve of that), more money for skooz (like that hasn’t been tried before), more crime and “gun violence” prevention programs (ditto).

His reasoning is this:

In February, Kreie started comparing crime numbers and home values in various cities across the country, and what he found surprised him. St. Louis, it turns out, has the largest disparity between suburban crime and urban crime in the country, based on how he breaks down the numbers by ZIP code. He expected to find home values correlating with low suburban crime, but that’s not what the numbers showed. Plenty of places with similarly low suburban crime have much higher home values than St. Louis.

But, based on his research, there appears to be a direct connection between low home values and a high disparity in the crime rates between urban cores and surrounding suburbs.


In comparing St. Louis to Minneapolis, for instance, Kreie notes that the overall crime index there is lower, and home values are higher.

This is a whole lot of bunkum that suffers from correlation-causation issues.  The reason why the uptown zip codes of the St. Louis area don’t have the high property values as the uptown zip codes of Minneapolis and other areas isn’t because of the differences of the ratio quotients of the worst crime zip code divided by the best crime zip code in the metro areas, but because St. Louis just isn’t a very desirable metropolitan area anymore.  The average home value in the highest end zip code in every metro area has nothing to do with what’s going in in the region’s dinduistans, but the health of the high income high value high wealth producing sectors in the area, the winner industries.  Minneapolis-St. Paul has a lot more going on in that regard than St. Louis, and don’t even think about comparing St. Louis to real winning areas, Washington, New York, Boston, L.A., SF Bay Area-SV.

However, the do gooder in question, a Chesterfield resident, does admit that he is selfishly interested in the value of his property.  Which is a very shocking admission, and I’m sure he’s the only one who is.  I think that’s the key to understanding the real motivation for his proposal:  I don’t think he really buys his own rationale.  I do think he realizes that AFFH is about to hit, and Chesterfield has plenty of apartments.  What I think he thinks is that if white people just dump more barrels of money on black people, this will stop AFFH from taking place; AFFH would hurt his house value big time.




7 responses

9 08 2016

Hmmm…. I guess if we put a police officer in every black home (24X7) crime will go down substantially! Wow! What other brilliant ideas will retired Boeing software engineers think of next?!

9 08 2016

I’m going to amend this post, because I actually read the article. I was kinda right but more wrong than right.

9 08 2016

You were definitely 100% correct! And glad you focused on AFFH because that old retired guy finally understands that it’s over for whitey if HUD gets their way. Too bad the reporter didn’t get quotes from folks in Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Baltimore, et al, who had to abandon their homes due to Section 8 housing and its devastating effects. White suburbs filling up with AFFH Dindustan Section 8 housing will go bankrupt with “white flight” and lower property tax revenue while trying to employ enough policemen, social workers, “free” lawyers for defendants, etc… Right now the Curve Bell Cities fill the budget gap by paying less into pension funds and receiving federal aid with all the PC puppet strings attached.

9 08 2016

Of course, the stereotype “Liberals always want to raise your taxes for those people” would have been hard to guess.

9 08 2016

In comparing St. Louis to Minneapolis, for instance, Kreie notes that the overall crime index there is lower, and home values are higher.

Uh, yeah, they have very high functioning whites on average (Germanic and Sandinavian) coupled with much fewer blacks.

This stuff isn’t rocket science.

10 08 2016

Oh man — a solution? — you need to get rid of most of the Blacks who live there — it is as simple as that. No idea why you spend time on stuff like this…

10 08 2016


So Ryan wins with 84% (!) of the vote — man, that is depressing — when the voters of Wisconsin are so fucking stupid they confirm the nomination of Ryan by such a margin, one cannot imagine him ever being voted out — and we’re talking about someone who as establishment as they come, and very clearly harmful to the country — the country is doomed — there is absolutely no chance for any significant white nationalist sentiment to emerge — significant enough to save the country from becoming Brazil.

Trump was an idiot to endorse him — Ryan stands for everything Trump is campaigning against — Ryan will never return the favor, no way — and it will probably cost Trump more votes than it will get him — Romney lost in 2012 because too many Whites stayed home rather than vote for him — it is as simple as that — and by endorsing Ryan, Trump has pissed me off — as he has no doubt others.

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