Irony is a Multi-Story Skyscraper

10 08 2016


Because this story is ironic on several levels.

Including, most interestingly, this one:

Muhammad said during the 911 call he told the dispatcher that he was following the suspect down the street from a distance, WTVT noted, but the dispatcher told him to stop.

Does that remind you of another case?  Hint:  Central Florida, though a bit inland.  Though in that case, some people today are still harping on the fact that the dispatchers told him to stop, and use it as some sort of evidence showing criminal cuplability.




One response

10 08 2016

Florida Dindus are somewhat difficult to track when their electronic collars go missing. So that’s why the 911 callers say they are following the felons as they can disappear quickly into the concrete jungles and avoid incarceration.

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