Look At It Another Way (Singing the Briar Patch Blues)

10 08 2016

Claremont, California

If Claremont Colleges students who are also POC are too scared to be dorm roommates with white students, and they all room with each other, this will deprive white students of all that vibrant diversity.  They will be stuck being each other’s roommates.

How horrible that would be.

I am just cynical enough to think that these POC dorm politics are the end result of a bank shot engineered by white students who want other white students as roommates.  They know they can’t say that in the affirmative, so they arrange and nuance the rhetoric in terms of stoking POC students’ tribalism and fear of white people.




2 responses

10 08 2016

Hilarious if your interpretation is true.

10 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Wait until Sheeleakin’s personal property, cash, and press-on nails go “missing”. She’ll be begging for White roommates.

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