Ne’er the Twain

10 08 2016


I’m reading this with some four dimensional amusement.

Post-Reagan era lamestream conservatives have had a generation to address the concerns of working and lower class whites, and to the small extent that they have succeeded, it’s only because the blind squirrels found a few acorns.  And working and lower class whites have had all that time to hear the sales pitches of post-Reagan era lamestream conservatives, and have predictably reacted lethargically at best.

Therefore, what makes this writer think that anything will be any different if “conservatives reach out” to them?  Make no mistake, what he means by “conservatives should reach out” is not that their concerns should be addressed as-is and in-place and in the context of who and where they are, a populist and nationalist agenda, but instead, just continue to golden tongued sales pitch, trying to do what they’ve been doing for the past generation, like I said, trying to sell lamestream conservatism to relatively uninterested people.

Read in another way, this article is nothing more than the writer being jealous that Trump noticed an unserved market and started serving it, and that he, as a political novice, did within a matter of a year what lamer cons couldn’t do in twenty-eight years.




4 responses

10 08 2016
David In TN

The rise of Donald Trump was due to one salient reason. The refusal of Republican “leaders” to address the concerns of their own voters. BTW, this refusal was one of the few things they held firm about.

10 08 2016

When I read this “Federalist” piece, I also got a deja vu feeling. We’re always told that nationalist parties in Europe are growing because of the “failure” of lamestream center-right parties to address immigration and Islamic-related issues. Well, fuck that. All these center-right parties had all this time and all this power to address immigration and Islamic-related issues, and they did next to nothing, and often, what they did do was the wrong thing.

We can’t sit around any more and wait for the center-right to have their Damascene.

10 08 2016

Trump said the right things on Trade and Immigration. The people who are really suffering from this crap or who are really awake took a chance on this amateur because the other choices were known evils. Too bad he really is just an amateur and doesn’t know how to shut his mouth and woo the undecidedness by acting Presidential.

11 08 2016

Because of Republican/Conservative treasonous support for open borders, whites will soon be a minority. Why would any minority support what the Republicans are selling, particularly since the Republicans will themselves soon be a minority party incapable of implementing their fantasies anyway? Every other minority feeds off of whites and what this conservative wants is to keep whites atomized so that victimization will continue. Whites ripe for victimization is what he trades to the establishment for cash and prizes. But what was an annoyance to a prosperous majority will look like flat out oppression, robbery, and genocide when applied to a minority. Anti-racism is code for anti-white and the Republican’s “racial neutrality” within a racist system is de facto genocidal racism against whites, always has been. Being a minority will make that clear.

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