Power Abhors

10 08 2016


Now that the Baltimore PD is about to surrender to the black undertow, and as other LEAs have done and will continue to do the same, the black undertow is going to go absolutely wild.  We know from the Kansas City experiment that law enforcement presence or non-presence has no effect on violent crime rates, and that the Ferguson Effect is purely a matter of an enraged and amped up black undertow.  However, if the know the cops are surrendering, rather than them surrendering in secret, that will only serve to throw another lit match into the gasoline pool.

Because power abhors a vacuum, some kind of power is eventually going to fill the vacuum that official law enforcement leaves behind.  What will it be?  We better hope that it’s a nationalist monarchy, and that’s the best case scenario.  At worst, it could be a hodgepodge of fluid non-state armed forces, ranging anywhere from African warlords in black urban areas, (and like I have always said, black gangs are the precursors to African continental style warlord style militia style groups that have not yet become that because the official authorities have held them in check, though with the official authorities gone, that check will no longer be in place), to corporate funded, run and trained security forces, to informal neighborhood cooperative patrols, whose presence and potency are always changing, and which have constantly shifting alliances and rivalries with each other.

The way I’m describing the nightmare scenario, it could be akin to a complex cultural transformation very similar to the slow dilution of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth and sixth centuries.

Or, maybe I’m just overthinking things.  As if my own self-critical part of my brain is saying to me:  “You got all that from one DOJ report about one police department in one big city, huh?”




7 responses

10 08 2016

there won’t be warlords because people will still be able to just move away from them. eventually though that changes.

10 08 2016
David In TN

Some 20 years or so ago, the late Paul Weyrich created a conservative TV Channel called NET. One of its shows, which I especially liked, was called “The Next Revolution,” hosted by William S. Lind, advocating a kind of Traditionalism.

Once, in 1998. Lind had Samuel Francis as guest. Lind foresaw people of a traditional bent, presumably in the hinterlands, forming their own communities with the criteria that “if you settle here, you have to follow our ways.”

Francis said something like “That may start happening soon.”

10 08 2016

That won’t happen until at least the Federal government and also some state governments lose their grip on power. Until then, there will always be the urge to spread AFFH and vibrant diversity to such communities.

10 08 2016

Agree with you about the FedGov. The interesting thing to me isn’t whether it will happen, but whether it’ll happen quickly or slowly. There’s a lot of ruin in a country, but the problem these days is that the FedGov aims to find out just how much.

10 08 2016
David In TN

William Lind said on the show that he foresaw eventual “breakup.” BTW, Lind writes a column for a sight called traditionalright.com.

Speaking of the USA “breaking up,” I recall a Samuel Francis Chronicles essay in which he wrote the Ruling Class will do everything they can to prevent this.

10 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Maybe my aluminum foil hat is turned shiny-side in, but this trend looks to me like an attempt to federalize the police.
1) Police crack the heads of crackheads, mostly to protect and serve the crackheads’ immediate neighbors.
2) DOJ: “That’s not nice. You stop that.”
3) Police: “OK, we’ll guard the donut shop.”
4) Crackheads brutalize their neighbors.
5) DOJ: “Well, the police obviously can’t protect these people. Time for us to take over.”
Or maybe, foil turned shiny-side out, 5) HUD: “This place is a violent shithole. We must save these poor wretches by AFFHing them into safe, White neighborhoods.”
Hard to say what their endgame goal is, or if they even have one yet. Creating chaos creates so many opportunities for “solutions”, they may just wait and pick one (or several).

11 08 2016

No foil hat adjustment necessary. The Federalization of cops has been an establishment-left dream morphing into goal since FDR.

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