Scummy Mohammedan Accused of Sexual Assault in New Twin Falls Case

10 08 2016

Chobani strikes again.



Twin Falls, Idaho, is the same city where a group of Muslim boys raped a five year old girl in June, with the local government trying to pull a coverup.

Now, an adult follower of Muhammed has been charged with another sex crime. The authorities will not release anything relating to why this dirtbag is in Twin Falls, or even if he’s in the U.S. legally.

Excerpt from Breitbart

Mohammed Hussein I. Eldai, 28, is facing charges of felony sexual assault of a vulnerable adult for an attack that happened Friday afternoon.

The alleged victim, who has been diagnosed with mental retardation, encountered Eldai when she was out for a walk in the Saturday afternoon heat and laid down to take a nap.

As Twin Falls TV station KM TV reports:

She then laid on the sidewalk when her fatigue took over. That’s when she says 28-year-old Mohammed Hussein Eldai…

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3 responses

10 08 2016

as the most sexually desirable females of the species, it’s the yt girls fault (& fate) to be assualted as such

10 08 2016

Slightly off topic, but Vader has a column from a reader that compares our current terrorism/immigration situation with Cowslip’s Warren. As a father just introducing Watership Down to my 5 year old, I can’t believe no one else has brought this up. I am also pissed that it was staring me in the face and I didn’t see it either.

10 08 2016

Something is definitely alien in the nature of blacks, what kind of a white man could commit a gang bang? How on earth could you get an erection and have intercourse in a room full of men? This is for sickos and degenerates, and I’d bet white men who could do this also have a history of bisexuality.

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