Stop in the Name of the Lawless

10 08 2016


SHOT:  Obama and the DOJ slanders the Baltimore PD as a consolation prize for the black undertow and BLM in lieu of the Baltimore Six not actually doing anything wrong

CHASER:  Baltimore PD has turned up the murder weapon and a person of interest in the murder earlier this summer of popular local rapper Lor Scoota

HANGOVER:  Dear Baltimore PD:  Why are you still doing favors for people that hate you and wish you weren’t there or would just leave them alone?  Signed, Blogmeister




3 responses

10 08 2016
john jones

When is the DOJ going to move on the Baltimore clerk’s office next?

10 08 2016

They don’t see that as a favor, they’d rather murders roam free.

10 08 2016

Racketeering, Smuggling, Sex with Guards: 25 Indicted in Massive Baltimore Prison Scandal

What did the DOJ have to say about that? Didn’t that indicate a sort of systemic problem?

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