Though It Wasn’t a Riot

10 08 2016


Strap on the ole irony feed bag:

Car hits protester, gunfire briefly erupts at Ferguson protest

A day of peaceful commemoration of the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death was marred Tuesday night when gunfire broke out after a protester was struck by a motorist.

After a quiet morning vigil and evening church service, the night turned violent when a car speeding south on West Florissant Avenue struck a protester who had ventured into the street.

Others among the roughly 75 protesters began trying to cut off the car, which then reversed direction and tried to head north to avoid the crowd, according to several witnesses.

At that point, witnesses said, several protesters pulled out guns and began chasing and firing at the fleeing car.

Pulling out guns and firing at a fleeing car?

Paul O’Neal.




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10 08 2016
10 08 2016

Marchers Honor Michael Brown

It’s a “Justice Walk”, don’t you know.

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