Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

10 08 2016

Jersey City, New Jersey

Race censored, of course.

Except they give it away with this:

One of the girls ran to a nearby fried chicken restaurant for help, 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reported.

Someone just got shot, they all have sail foams, yet one of them instinctively runs into the fried chicken joint for help, instead of calling the cops.  And you know this is one time they’ll call the cops, when any other time, they’re the evil wyte po-leeceseseseseses that have declared war on black yoots’ bodies.  She ran into the fried chicken joint for help, to help herself to a few pieces of fried chicken.




6 responses

10 08 2016

Another great article about an unrecognized Bell Curve City – thanks! When I was reading it there was another headline about bobbleheads being racist. All of the news is turning into ‘The Onion.” Unbelievable… http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2016/08/09/red-sox-david-ortiz-bobbleheads/

11 08 2016
mark t

All I needed to read was “church community center.” Your WRPT mindset kicked right in.

11 08 2016
john jones

I finally get WRPT. My favorite one is from the 70s. Bars would put up Rules at the front door that included “No hats”. If youre out for a night on the town, where are you going to park your hat?

11 08 2016
Area Man

Was this to keep away people who used public transportation?
Everyone else could put their hat in their car.

11 08 2016
john jones

Sorry superfly style hats were popular. It was probably not so much about the no place to put it. If you had a purple cut-to-the-waist jump suit and matching purple hat, u didnt want to separate them. So youd go to another establishment

14 08 2016

Race censored? All it took for me was reading “Holy Ghost Tabernacle Ministries” in Jersey City.

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