Diffusing Hysteria and Paranoia, That’s What I Do

11 08 2016


As if I’m some sort of Geico ad.

From the media summary of the DOJ report on the BPD:

Black pedestrians were 37 percent more likely to be searched by Baltimore police citywide and 23 percent more likely to be searched during vehicle stops. But officers found contraband twice as often when searching white residents during vehicle stops and 50 percent more often during pedestrian stops, the report notes.

Let’s assume this is true.

Enter mode:  Diffuse hysteria, paranoia.

“Contraband” is one of those wide net big tent terms that refer to a lot of things, that are not all the same. Since there’s contraband and there’s contraband, not all contraband is created equal, and some contraband is more worrisome than others.

BPD finds contraband on a white person. The white person is 19 years old, a woman, a Johns Hopkins University student, and the contraband is just enough weed for one doobie.

BPD finds contraband on a black person. He is 25 years old, a man, a resident of the west side of town, a multiple time convicted violent felon, and the contraband is a couple of pistols and several kilos of crack.

Which kind of contraband from which person is a bigger public priority and public nuisance?

Even if white people are twice as likely to possess some form of contraband than black people while out in public, it still makes good sense for the BPD to stop and search blacks at a higher rate than for whites, because their contraband tends to be bigger deals and bigger problems.

End mode:  Diffuse hysteria, paranoia.




4 responses

11 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Talking to blacks is one of the greatest joys in life; that’s why cops take every opportunity to do so, even at the expense of letting White criminals go free. If the conversation goes well, they get to search the black for “contraband”; and if they’re really lucky, they get to arrest the black, place him in their patrol car and drive him around. If you can keep blacks in your car long enough, you’ll never need to buy air fresheners. When you think about it, it’s hard to believe cops get paid to do that job.

12 08 2016

You beat me to the “contraband” post. I’ll also add that if we assumed that the “contraband” in question for all parties were firearms, the report would have had the effect of displaying the differences in crime rates with “contraband being equalized”. After all if “contraband” is the direct cause of gun violence then all those whites who are getting away with “contraband” ought to be shooting up their neighborhoods…

13 08 2016

Catching whites with contraband is probably pretty easy, when you see a white down in the hood you know exactly what their doing there and what you’ll find on them.

14 08 2016

“Even if white people are twice as likely to possess some form of contraband than black people while out in public,…”

And now, Count, you know why marijuana legalization fails.

Without it, very few and rare (pot-brainwashed) whites would have any contraband on them ever.

That’s setting aside for the moment that pot laws have been very useful in dindu-infested areas in providing cause for stops of people LE well known to be involved in much worse. (Cops get tips all the time about such things. This is related to the “snitches/stitches” campaigns. There’d be no need for the latter without the former, and annoyance stops have long been used to head off the worst behaviors and people.)

This is also part of the why behind the push to make gun ownership more and more contraband: to create opportunities where the law abiding white person carrying or owning a firearm will miss out on any one of ten million tiny little changes in policy that are constantly unfolding. Insty-criminal.

Since the rising tide cannot be generated that can lift dindu boats, best to blow holes in the hulls of the most seaworthy.

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