Monetizing Mo’ne

11 08 2016

Los Angeles


The irony is that the real Mo’ne Davis herself, even at the age of 13 playing in the LLWS, had enough foresight to know that her competitive baseball career was living on borrowed time, that once they hit puberty, the boys will all of a sudden start throwing a lot harder, while she won’t, therefore her future athletic ambition is in basketball and specifically the University of Connecticut.

I’d like to predict that this will be a ratings bust.  But then again, it involves a black woman as the central character, and when you’re dealing with black women audiences, they really have a way of surprising everyone.  See:  Scandal, Blackish, Empire, Real Housewives, Basketball Wives, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and the Tyler Perry movies.  If Pitch isn’t counterprogrammed against another black women favored show, I bet they’ll made it appointment viewing.  Especially if, considering the promo poster above is any hint, sexual innuendo between her white teammates and her is a recurring theme.  Which is why BW love Scandal.




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