Eight Years Coming Down

12 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

SHOT:  NYT, August 10, 2016:  Obama Administration Set to Remove Barrier to Marijuana Research

CHASER:  NYT, August 11, 2016:  D.E.A. Keeps Marijuana on List of Dangerous Drugs, Frustrating Advocates

HANGOVER:  I’m amazed that potheads and weed advocates and 420 types let this man get away with eight years of two timing and double speak and bait-and-switch and forked tongueness on their pet issue, letting him and his party rile them up for the purposes of vote grifting then not really following through on all their dog whistle promises.  Then again, they are potheads, and high a lot of the time, and they have messed up brains when they’re not, because of all the heavy metal poisoning from all the weed, so you can’t expect them to catch on.  Another reason why President Obama gets away with this can be found in the way the NYT words its one day apart headlines:  If it seems to be liberalization, then Mr. Obama’s surname appears in the headline.  If it’s a continued restriction or enforcement action, then it doesn’t, and that way, rhetorically, he avoids getting the blame for his own actions because the anger is pawned off on the DEA, even though nobody is supposed to notice that the DEA answers to President Obama.




One response

13 08 2016
Hard Right

Change.org petition: Arrest Malia Obama for violation of federal marijuana laws


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