Sunday Wrap-Up

14 08 2016


* Gee, I remember writing here just a few short days ago to ask how it was working out in The Loop.

* It was an office prank.  Get over it.

* Poetic justice in Bell Curve City.

* Hooray, future.

* Update on the cop shooting in Bell Curve City Carbondale:  There’s some salt in that pepper.


* For once, the people benefiting are asked to make the sacrifice.

* Like I wrote here last week, the long festering Noor-Khan battles in Minnesota House District 60B, famous because it pits a Somalian versus a long time Jewish incumbent, Noor finally ousted Khan last week after having tried at least three times before, is indicative of the Jews’ pets turning on them.  But now, some curious new stuff has bubbled up to the surface.

Is the multiple marriages genuine polygamy, or just immigration and visa fraud?  Either way, there’s a built in reason why nobody is going to push the issue seriously.  It’ll be either fear of Islamophobia or xenophilia.


* Should be very interesting.  For what I’m thinking, it should read sort of like the Protocols, but this time, it won’t be politically-loaded fabrication.

* “Why are our pets turning on us?”

* Not only is there not a gender pay gap, there actually is one, and has been one for a long time.

* My illegitimate father needs to learn the difference between citizenism and nationalism.

* When billionaires collaborate, (unless it’s Trump and Peter Thiel), then ineffectual and wasteful is the best you can hope for.

* Especially obnoxious since Duke never actually endorsed Trump, just said nice things about him.

* It’s easy to be a gym rat when you don’t have anywhere else to be.

* Should I file this under “Demography is Destiny,” (HISD student body 87% NAM), or “What They’ll Spend Money On When Money’s Tight As Hell?”

* You know, I’m old enough to remember when melting pot and colorblindness was the establishment-approved narrative.  Then again, what it was back then was a deceit, not a desire.  Even though we know that even if they are seriously attempted, they are long term unsustainable.

* Can we please stop it with this myth that weed smokers go to jail?

* She can’t change her gender?

Where has she been?  Doesn’t she know it’s the current year?


* Yeah, I really do feel sorry for him.

Unless I don’t.

* Because that’s what ideologically motivated people do.

* I actually think that the net is getting too wide in defining modern slavery.  Because the bigger the problem seems, the better a living the activists, organizers and NGOs seeking to solve the problem can have.  Even though that’s why they can never really allow for the problem to be solved.  Even so, the reason we don’t much hear about it is because it’s not the kind of slavery that’s conducive to black people sticking their hands out and saying gibsmedat.

* A village friend, an upstanding citizen and vigneron who has carried a tiny utility knife in his pocket since God’s dog was a puppy, had it taken off him the other day by the police, who have charged him with carrying a weapon under the state of emergency. This is the same minuscule knife carried by everyone who works with wines and vines. It’s about as lethal as a biro pen.

Anarcho-tyranny comes to France.


* The relative cold shoulder that competitive Olympic shooters get gives the opportunity to point you back to one of my old parody news stories.

* And they wonder why he’s not in the NFL.


* At some point, everything is data.

* It’s not unusual, and it’s nothing new.  Amateurs have been the people doing this kind of drudge work for quite some time.

* But the professionals have turned up a stunning view from relatively far away.

* So bright are American night skies that there is no place in the continental United States, not even the most remote parts of rural Nevada, that have truly dark skies, and by that I mean a 1 on the Bortle Scale.  Even in isolated rural Nevada, a 2 is the best possible.  Around here, you won’t get any better than a 3 and for that you need to be in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks.

* My bet is on that it’s a captured object and that its origin is extrasolar.

* When tragedy imitates art.

The bar was right next to the tracks, and named itself Derailed.  Perhaps in the hopes that karma would happen and they’d get into the News of the Weird?

* My theory?  It’s just simple math.  As you get older, a given time period becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of your already passed lifetime.  When you turn 10, the previous decade was 100% of your life.  When you turn 20, the previous decade was 50% of your life.  When you turn 40, the previous decade was 25% of your life.  And so on.





7 responses

14 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

“Why do our pets turn on us?” This is one Jew who never saw the negro as a pet. Oftentimes a PEST, certainly, but no pet. And there are fewer of us that think of the negro as a pet than you may think. As for pets, give me a good GSD or Rottie any day.

Regarding finding truly dark skies: it will take decades, but we will start to see a bit of improvement with the increasing use of LED street lights, wall packs, and area lights. Their beam patterns can be very sharply focused, and some new ideas are coming into use under the Dark Skies Initiative. I am far from an eco-nut, but when I was working as a lighting energy conservation engineer, I supported Dark Skies where it was practical. In almost all cases, my ideas were supported.

14 08 2016

There’s nothing like the free show that the universe puts on every night.

14 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

You’re absolutely right. It is too hot now, but in the spring and autumn, I like to put the top down on my “fun car”, drive out to the desert, pull off, and view the stars.

14 08 2016

Like I said about the Ozarks, it has the best seeing of any place for hundreds of miles around, you don’t find anything that good until you get into western Kansas. And, my late uncle retired there, every time I went to visit him, I took the telescope.

14 08 2016

Also speaking of free shows, one year and seven days from today…The GE will be in the area where I lived in 2009, not far from Carbondale, Illinois. In fact the exact point is in an Illinois state park. Then comes the 2024 total, whose path of totality will intersect with the 2017 path near there, though the 2024 GE will be in northern Mexico.

14 08 2016

One that was too late. They’re gonna announce this week that there is an Earth like planet orbiting the CHZ of….hold on to your hat….the closest star to Earth, Proxima Centauri. The search in that system has always revolved around either Alpha Centauri A or Alpha Centauri B, because they are Sun-like stars, and there could be an Earth-like planet in the CHZ of either A or B without the light from the other star mattering to a hypothetical global climate. I don’t know if they ever thought about the CHZ of the combined A-B system, with the planet orbiting the A-B barycenter. But, it looks like there’s something promising around Proxima, which we still don’t know for sure if Proxima is actually gravitationally bound to A-B, it just might be “passing through” with A-B’s gravity affecting its motion hyperbolically.

15 08 2016


Speaking of LED lights, you made me think of something. St. Louis City is slowly starting to swap out its incandescent street light bulbs for LEDs. I have noticed that from a distance, it doesn’t look like there’s much light, but when you’re on the street, the actual lighting that hits the street is only slightly less bright than the incandescents they replaced. So it means that since the light is focused, they use even less power than the normal power savings from LED compared to incandescent. On top of that, like I said, a hell of a lot less light pollution.

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