White Lightning

14 08 2016

Rio De Janiero

The 100m was tonight.  I didn’t see Christophe Lemaitre in the finals, so I looked up the earlier heats to see how he did.  He wound up making the semifinals, (there are three rounds to narrow down the field to the final eight or nine), and in his semifinal heat, he finished third to two previous/current Olympic medalists in the 100, Justin Gatlin (2004 gold, 2012 bronze, silver tonight), and Yohan Blake (2012 silver, 4th tonight).  Only the top two finishers in each heat automatically advanced, and the remaining slots were based on time, and Lemaitre’s time in that heat wasn’t fast enough to advance.  However, there is no shame in finishing third in a heat to two previous and current medalists and based on tonight the second and fourth fastest men in the world.

He will compete in the 200 and the 4×100.

I wrote here back in 2012 before London that I thought that his better chances at a medal would be this year or in 2020, when he is/will be 26 and 30 years old, respectively.  By the time Tokyo comes, Usain Bolt will be retired, and that could open things up for him.




3 responses

14 08 2016

Interesting o knwo what lies behind the lives of Olympians

15 08 2016
Hard Right

Not really. It’s mostly drugs and debauchery.

16 08 2016

We in India think it is all a fare game, but if you say so ,,, it must be very right

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