Your Turn, Volume 2

15 08 2016


* Both Milwaukee and Ferguson happened because of Saturday afternoon police shootings in the month of August.  Both involved reactionary black undertows that looted trivial items like weave.  Both involved a gas station being burned.

* “We need our weave.  Go burn down the suburbs.”

If I’m a white suburban dweller in Milwaukee, this is putting me on alert.  I would make it known to both my local police department or sheriff’s office and the county’s district/state’s/circuit attorney that such a threat is going to make me view any sudden rapid motion toward me by black people I don’t know to be a deathly bodily threat and respond in kind.

* Last night’s action, someone got shot.

* Yeah, the leading public face constituency of the blue team, the black undertow, the team that is significantly dependent on gay money, is really good about hurling the gay slurs around when it’s convenient for them.  “Fuck all yall pussy ass faggots” is the title of the black undertow national anthem.  I’m surprised they didn’t call any cops a “fuck boy.”

* Here he is, the new Mr. America.  The new gentle giant, who was about to start college.





9 responses

15 08 2016

15 08 2016

Like you said, cops are now not patrolling these places and the trend will continue. I’m reminded of Jeff Cooper’s observation about Los Angeles:

“These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.”

I cannot imagine that white shitlibs would enjoy dindu incursions into their nice ‘burbs, maybe that’s what needs to happen.

15 08 2016

The problem is that white people in suburbs generally aren’t shitlibs. To find those, these blacks should look in the gentrifying parts of Milwaukee.

15 08 2016

Maybe somewhat libs will come up with an app directing the ferals where to loot and destroy. And I’m sure corporate shills like McDonald’s would advertise on it since none of the ferals would pay for an app.

15 08 2016

how are “pussy ass faggots” keeping them down all the time?

15 08 2016

Please don’t complicate the situation.

16 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

The (homosexuals) aren’t. Using the phrase “pussy-ass faggot” is an example of how the ferals string nasty-sounding words and phrases together to add emphasis to what they are trying to say. They are incapable of expressing themselves in plain language, so resort to gutter language to try and get their point across.

This isn’t just in riots and neighborhood-burning. Listen to a feral disciplining her child in, say, a grocery store. The filth spewing from her mouth is the only way she can express herself because she either didn’t pay attention in school, or is “keeping it real” by behaving in this manner.

15 08 2016

Curfew moved earlier in the evening in Milwaukee to prevent further outbreak of this wildcat chimpout; personally I’m hoping the Negroes can show us what they’ve got. If it gets worse the press will have a hard time with it as this particular dindu seems to have done a thing or two.

15 08 2016

CF video showed that CNN cut off the “burn the suburbs” dinduette to make her look good.

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