Tales from the Social Justice Crypt

16 08 2016


Megan McArdle, writing in Bloomberg:

In Applebee’s and Waffle Houses, we swap stories of the affordable housing activists who spent their free time lobbying against building high rises in our neighborhoods, ostensibly because it would change the character but really because it would destroy the light in the fourth-floor apartment they’d purchased in 1972; of the people who proclaimed their commitment to diversity and tolerance while doing their best to get any conservative socially ostracized or fired; of the outrageously bigoted way our neighbors would talk about “those people” (some combination of white, lower-middle class, religious, Southern, conservative); of the laboriously hypocritical indignities we were subject to, like complicated building-wide recycling schemes promoted by “environmentalists” who flew to Europe four times a year; of the white liberals who shook their heads at all those horrid racists, while trying to mask, with code words, their determination to isolate their own children from minority peers, except for a token handful who were solidly upper middle class.

So she’s trying to tell us that the progressive social justice agenda is nothing more than internalized rationalized selfishness and virtue signaling?

Naw, get out of town.  (No pun intended.)  Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that social justice warrorism is a front for and a diversion from plutocratic, billionaire and corporate greed.




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