Ten Ton Wedge Factory

16 08 2016

Youngstown, Ohio


It all makes sense.  Trump gives his vaunted, anticipated, major address yesterday, foreign policy, ISIS, this kind of stuff.  You’d never know it, but Trump’s speech contained a whole bunch of profundities.  Trump’s speech contained some amazing things, but you’re not hearing about that.  All you’re hearing about it was typical Trump bigotry, typical Trump ignorance, typical Trump demonstrating he’s unfit and unqualified for the office.

Just typical coverage by the Drive-Bys.  And then after that they’re ignoring it, and they’re ignoring it because there’s things in there, in Trump’s speech, that I’m convinced that they do not want certain people to know that he said.

Easy.  Trump once again dropped ten ton wedges between gay donors and the blue team war chest.  That scares the hell out of them.  That’s why they went on this gun gun gun gun gun diversion warpath after Orlando, because Trump did the same thing, and they’re trying to keep gay donors from thinking about Democrat immigration policy.




2 responses

17 08 2016

Yeah, but this vetting bullshit is just that, bullshit. It’s like the Europeans requiring invaders to take a citizenship test and respect their liberal traditions, it’s meaningless. A lot of the terrorists and criminals are second or third generation invaders. Vetting, citizenship tests, burqua bans, etc. are all just PR campaigns aimed at the native populations to keep them quiet while the policy of genocide through colonialism continues. About 8% of the French are said to be Muslim but they make up 65-70% of prisoners. Is there any reason to believe that when the Muslim population hits 15% terrorism and crime against the natives will decrease? That when it hits 35-40% a civil war is a distinct possibility? That when it hits 55% the remaining natives won’t live under crushing oppression and violence in a backward country? Tests, vetting, burqua bans are all irrelevant which is why the system keeps talking about them. Let’s hope it’s all just campaign bunk from Trump.

17 08 2016

I know the vetting is bullshit. What do we use? Syria’s NCIC?

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