Your Turn, Volume 3

16 08 2016


* Mr. America’s father is blaming the lack of gun control.  Irony retarded is this one, because he doesn’t seem to know that enforcing gun laws is one of the reasons why cops were so interested in his son Saturday afternoon.

* That’s one point for the national media.  If only they would have had this attitude two years ago.  And four years ago.

* The Congresswoman for Milwaukee accidentally stumbles onto the MN-WI Paradox.

* True News USA has a post with some good links.

* AP article, P-D has it, because it mentions profs with two St. Louis schools.  I agree with them, that making it known sooner that the cop is black wouldn’t have helped, because it didn’t actually help when it was made known.  Besides, for all the talk about the need for black cops in order to smooth over relations with black civilians, the black undertow no more likes black cops than they do white ones.  You know all the buzz words:  Sellout, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus.





One response

16 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

What is all of this “role model” talk? Back in the days when communities were truly segregated, the community had role models like the doctors, merchants, teachers, artists, and (real) musicians that were right there in the neighborhood.

Also, if Sylville’s father had done his job, his son would have had the right role models no matter what, starting with himself. Giving the kid a name that is nothing more than a misspelling of a model of Cadillac no longer made tells me plenty about the family as it is.

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