Barking Up the Wrong Tree

17 08 2016

South County

This is becoming a soap opera.


Many residents showed up and focused their ire on Councilman Mark O’Leary, who represents South County on the County Council. He is believed to be a supporter of the apartment complex.

“Mr. O’Leary, shame on you!” said resident Wendy Antalick. “You never once asked your constituents ‘what do you want?’ It’s simple, we want homes and not apartments. We have enough apartments in the area.”

Miss Antalick, you’re barking up the wrong tree.  You’re blaming someone who holds one-seventh of the legislative power of a county government, when you should be blaming someone who controls one-oneths of the executive power of the Federal government.  O’Leary could oppose it with all his heart, but the Federal government with its carrot and stick power is making sure that local opposition is meaningless.  If you want to aim your anger at a given person, the person is Baraq Obama, not Mark O’Leary.  Then again, that’s not quite accurate, because Obama didn’t come up with the idea for AFFH, neither did Julian Castro, current HUD Secretary, and I’m saying that because there’s a media temptation to blame Castro personally.  No, the right source to blame is the Democrat Party, because urban gentrification interests are an important core graft-contribution component of it.  Actually, beyond that, you can’t just blame the Democrats, because a lot of the political scaffolding for AFFH started in the Bush 43 years, and his father’s HUD spearheaded the very first AFFH precursor program, starting circa 1990 when the Feds forced Dubuque, Iowa to allow itself to be turned into dumping grounds for Chicago ghetto blacks which were about to be run out of Chicago because of what was at the time the impending onset of the demolition of housing projects.  And, just like today, the media back then used the power of the double edged sword it wields to bash the white people out there for their racism in not wanting black people to live in their areas rather than the racism of the urban white people in wanting to get rid of the black people around them and unload them on someone else.

As for my choke point strategy, it’s a bit more hairy.  The parallels that hold is that Miss Antalick et al. can’t take on the Federal government, because it’s too big, powerful, abstract, and besides, that’s where grandma gets her Social Security check.  They could take it to the blacks who move into the apartments, but then that will be horrible PR; most people still pity blacks, and the P-D won’t be any mood to tell us the truth, and Tony Messenger probably has a dozen scathing op-eds about the matter pre-written with blank spaces to fill in dates and proper nouns.  The middle ground choke point would be to make it personal against the private developers who will be building the apartments and the people chiefly associated with the ownership outfit which will own them and/or the property management outfit which will manage them.  But here’s a word of warning about that:  The same Feds who are wielding their power of “Fair Housing” to make sure the actual construction and habitation happens will probably be in a mood to bring bullshit fair housing conspiracy charges against people like us who try to make life hell for the builders, owners and managers.  Remember, from our own area, the Feds in the 1970s (?) rattled the sabres of civil rights laws to intimidate white people who tried to block the construction of housing projects in Black Jack and Spanish Lake.  And we know that the Feds will be very generous in stretching the interpretation of “Fair Housing” laws to make them cover drunken bar fights.  I think the only reason they’re not trying to interfere with this opposition to these apartments along Tesson right now is because they know that the opposition as currently manifest won’t be able to stop it.  But if they take up my middle ground choke point want-of-a-nail strategy, or anything which has a chance of stopping or precluding it, I wouldn’t put it past the Feds to bring the hammer down.

Probably the best thing to do now is for the opponents to start looking up Jefferson County properties on Zillow, sell now to oblivious suckers while they can still get something.




5 responses

17 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah, but see you can afford to lose money on single loans by making it up in volume. Now that China won’t lend any money and White people are broke that extremely lucrative market for insurance fraud and demolitions are just waiting to get up and running. Look at Detroit. Once it was the most expensive real estate in the country, but with diversity, they have to demolish half of it in the hopes that wildlife will fill the spaces.
The Brave New World is looking more and more like Cyberpunk everyday isn’t it? Except without the really rich people or profitable corporations. But still crime.

18 08 2016

Not only Dubuque Iowa, didn’t know that one, when Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul 100 miles south of Chicago closed down they dumped a bunch of dwellers from the projects they were tearing down on that poor town. This compound on the misery of a major SAC B-52 base leaving a whole in the economy with a new crime burden.

18 08 2016

Are the plans for these apartments to be section 8?

28 08 2016
Sunday Wrap-Up | Countenance Blog

[…] * What I’m about to say may not be applicable in this particular matter, because this San Antonio light rail is probably going to be built in its urban core.  However, if you notice that there seems to be a severe disconnect between public officials’ intransigent insistence on the matter of building or expanding public transportation and suburbs and the local public opposition including plebiscites that turn out in their favor, then AFFH explains the paradox. Part of AFFH is the Feds using carrots and sticks to bully otherwise recalcitrant local governments to building and expanding public transit. However, it will be yet another situation where the local politicians get the blame even though they’re not the ones who caused the problem. […]

13 09 2016
Having His Cake and Eating It Too | Countenance Blog

[…] In the case of the former, which is also afoot in this news, as you can see, people get outraged at county council members, suburban planning and zoning boards, even though all they’re doing is being powerless […]

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