Blow the Man(afort) Down

17 08 2016


Bannon pushes the up button on the Trump Tower elevators, Manafort pushes the down button.

I’m hearing the words “populism and nationalism” a lot in regards to what Bannon is thinking.  Which is fine by me.  Trump is a hell of a lot better when he operates from a combination of raw instinct and scripted polish than any other mode.  If he didn’t feel pressure just from the fact that he is running as a Republican, I think he’d be doing even better than he is.  Being mindful of the fact that privately, a lot of people, the HRC campaign included, admit that there’s a Duke Effect at work.

Corey L. has to be pulling what little hair he has out of his head today.  Trump showed him to door to elevate Manafort, and now he’s swapping out Manafort (but not firing him) to elevate Steven Bannon, who is a lot like Corey.  It’s even worse for Corey, because now that Manafort has been knocked down a few floors, Corey’s sour grapes stink bombs lobbed at Manafort are suddenly less valuable to CNN and less relevant to anyone; I wouldn’t be surprised if CNN cans Corey within a matter of days.  That’s why CNN hired him, just because of all the baby mamma drama that Corey would create from throwing around sour grapes.  They certainly didn’t hire him for his telegenic personality or his articulation skills or (straight women and gay men, help me out here) his good looks.




2 responses

17 08 2016

Robert Costa’s Twitter feed is practically a textbook today. And I’m liking what I’m reading.

18 08 2016
Hard Right

I hope this is correct. Trump hasn’t been doing as well as he should be doing over the last month or so. I think he does better when he “shoots from the hip.”

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