Early Adopters

17 08 2016

Fairfax, Virginia

That sound you hear is the ground moving underneath all of us.

My contentions:

(1) This is written is that it is written with the soap opera mentality of “what does this mean for the official Republican Party” in mind.  Ace calls it the MacGuffinization of politics.  Nobody seems to care about what is being done or how it will positively or negatively affect individuals, groups or the society as a whole.  All that seems to matter is the bitchy circle jerk soap opera.  For reasons that most of you know because you’re smart enough to have been one of my readers for a long time, I don’t much care about the official Republican party, definitely not now, and mostly not any time in the past.

(2) The writer focuses on the potential base of a potential nationalist (or -type) party as the frustrated base of the Republican Party.  Alt-right political theorists who aren’t this blogmeister have speculated for some time that the charter adopters of such a party wouldn’t be them, but instead be otherwise apathetic working to middle class whites outside the South.  With the way Trump rolled up very easy wins on Acela Tuesday and in other Acela states, I use that as evidence of that theory being correct.  In an ordinary Republican Presidential year, the party establishment favorite would win Massachusetts and a doctrinaire and also usually social conservative would win Alabama.  Meanwhile, this year, Trump wins both Massachusetts and Alabama.  Meaning that we were reading the politics of the Republican or potential Republican voting universe wrong.  The working and middle class whites in Acela states have been driven away from Democrats but don’t much like right-libertarian economic orthodoxy, and even if they have social conservative inclinations, they’re too scared to manifest it politically because of their neighbors.  The only reason WMCWs in the South were loyal Republican voters is because of racial reactionism, and because social conservatism has no political penalty in Alabama while it does in Massachusetts.  Trump coming along meant that Acela WMCWs had a reason to turnout, and Dixie WMCWs had a better option.  That doesn’t mean that all the other things have disappeared, it’s that a message of pedal to the metal populism and nationalism, combined with a careful needle-threading agenda on racial and non-racial social issues is what unites Massachusetts and Alabama, and actually goes as far as to expose an otherwise unknown schism in American politics, between the hardened bitter East (both Union and Confederate) on one side, and Midwestern and Intermountain Western nice and congenial on the other side.  The hardened bitter East voted Trump, and the congenial Midwestern/IM-Western voted either Cruz or Rubio.




One response

17 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

There is only one viable country: the White one. Be White or die is the message the dummies in the media are sending. White flight is over. That moron with the empty haid in the Whites’ House has finally doomed his race. With nowhere to run the Whites have to fight. People have forgotten how well Whites can kill and how dumb brown and black always are. Its a recipe for a New Order. That New World Order died. Rio is shining a bright shiny light on the “global village”. Its so bad you can smell the stink on Television.

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