Ryan Lochte

17 08 2016

Rio De Janiero

I do think he and his friends were robbed, but I also think that they were themselves doing something illegal or very questionable (buying dope?), and that explains their contradictory statements and all the other loose ends.


It’s looking more and more like they made the whole thing up.  If that’s the case, then I have perhaps another reason why they did.  They were picking up hoes, and from what I understand, Lochte already has a real HPOA girlfriend.  Though if it was anything like that, she won’t be his girlfriend for much longer.




7 responses

18 08 2016
Alex the Goon

There’s always more fish in the HPOA sea, for Olympic gold medalists.

18 08 2016
Alex the Goon

Also, Olympic Village is supposed to be a raging orgy, supplied with 30,000,000 condoms before the games started. Why would prime athletes go trolling the skreets of Rio for mud hoes (possibly AIDS-ridden trannies), when they could get USDA AAAAA trim at their basecamp?

19 08 2016

Lochte looks like a bad apple with that green hair. Turns out they vandalized a bathroom and the security guard pointed a gun at him and made him pay for the damage so I guess from his self absorbed perspective he sort of did get robbed at gunpoint. Probably a lot of drinking going on in the swimming world, Phelps got sober and notice how his performance has drastically improved over London. I can’t see Phelps as a hostile drunk though like this guy, this guy Lochte kind of looks like a villainous Harkonnen in David Lynch’s Dune.

19 08 2016

lol, hope they hold’em all in Rio for quite awhile. Olympians & in particular the American contingent are very insufferable, self centered, boors

19 08 2016

Rio has enough crime problems without any of us Ugly Americans making more up out of thin air.

19 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

This looks like a legit holdup. They say its fake cops, but in Rio it might have been real cops making a score from Rich Americanos. Rio looks cool on video during Carnivale, but its a fucking hellhole out of the parade routes. Raw sewage overflows, deadly mudslides and crimeridden neighborhoods all over outside the gated fortress of the Rich. Tha favelas are Africa with the ramshackle shacks with tin roofs that leak. Rio is the proverbial global village that Hillary drones on about.

19 08 2016

Remember how the military government was building roads into the Amazon for “settlement” a generation back and how every nature show on TV rushed in to condemn the loss of the rain forest. Who do you think they planned to “resettle” there? The productive people of Rio? Or a way to get rid of the slumdwellers and ship them off to the middle of the jungle.

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