Social Justice Acres

17 08 2016

Des Moines

Though I doubt that there is much of a market in rural areas and on farms for literary critics and women’s basketball coaches.

I’ve heard the theory that this is nothing more than the White House engaging in political agitation and interference in rural areas.  I’m sure they’d like to do that if they could, but I doubt there are that many lesbians who are currently living in or who would be tempted to live in rural areas and on farms.  No, I think the real reason is very simple and very cynical.  Remember, among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

This is nothing more than Federal government in-kind legal money laundering between itself and various LGBTQetc activist organizations, using farming as the excuse.

Remember the last time social justice warriorism intersected with agriculture?  That’s right, it was the fake black farmer reparations issue.  That was the same kind of legal money laundering, a disguised Federal political contribution.




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17 08 2016

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