Soften Thy Heart

17 08 2016

Twin Falls, Idaho

The family is starting to get apologies.

Hearts are starting to soften.

Which is good.

Now, it’s time to re-harden them.

Speaking of which, yes, I have noticed the Chobani ads on the Olympics, and that they are a USOC sponsor. And I have already responded in kind, with a polite but firm snail mail very recently sent from Sedalia, Missouri addressed to Colorado Springs, Colorado.




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17 08 2016
David In TN

I recollect a Samuel Francis column from years ago in which Francis remarked that “liberal compassion” is non-existent toward white victims of black crime, especially murder.

It’s becoming pretty much the same with “immigrants” who victimize whites. At least the reflex tends that way.

18 08 2016

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