Thoughts of Hell

17 08 2016

St. Louis City

I wrote here two weeks ago, about the House-78-D race which I otherwise didn’t care about, that:

…I noticed that Penny Hubbard, the incumbent, got a stiff challenge from forty-something comic book enthusiast and street activist Bruce Franks.  The only reason I’m writing about this is that, like I said, St. Louis City reports absentees first then about equal chunks of one-thirds of the boxes.  Hubbard won about 80% of the absentee votes, but only won the whole thing by a 51-49 margin, or by 84 actual votes.  Whenever there is such a severe difference between absentees and election day boxes, it’s safe to presume that there was some funny business with absentee ballots.  If I was Bruce Franks, I’d press the matter.  The Hubbard family, and there are several of them involved in various political offices, has enough pull to get enough people to send in enough phony absentee ballots.

For some reason, even though I’m two-thirds of a state away and I don’t avail myself to Democrat and aligned grapevines wherever I am, somehow I’ve been able to pick up on talk that the voter fraud allegations are starting to gain serious legs and it’s rattling the City BOEC.  The only reason why this one will get heeded is because it’s black Democrat on black Democrat.  City voter fraud between 1987 and 1993 which altered the outcome of city school board elections and the 1993 citywide office races, including for mayor, never seemed to matter.




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17 08 2016
2 09 2016
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