18 08 2016

Rio De Janiero


In the 200.

He’s the first white man to win an Olympic individual sprinting event medal (100/200) in all my years of closely watching Olympics, which go back to 1988.  I want to swear to that, but off top I think there might have been one since then, it would have to have been in the 200 because every final round participant in the 100 from 1984 to these games has been black.

Will we get a barrage of social justice articles and pieces about that the way we heard about Simone Manuel in swimming?




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18 08 2016
David In TN

I took a quick look on Google and all the pieces about Lemaitre winning a Bronze medal were French language. The US press seems to have no interest in Christophe Lemaitre.

19 08 2016

You were right not to swear.

19 08 2016

all medals should be Stripped from all non-subsaharan descended Affleets. Next olympics should be free to ban all white & asian affeleetz from competing in any event.

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