Beards Coming Off

19 08 2016


This has been big gossip in Sedalia since yesterday morning.

Here’s a MSM story, and another MSM story.

One of my enterprising readers pointed me to Page 22 of this document.  And yes, they are married.

We also know that both Gutting and Cooper were/are Jewish.

All the gossip is pointing to the fact that they were/are both closeted gays and that they were involved with each other behind their wives’ backs.  The tryst went bad, and the younger man stabbed the older man to death, and I have come to understand from multiple sources that gay men, when they get in that mood, will take their homicidal rage out on each other with knives way more often than guns.

With Cooper, I tend to think he tried to take his marriage to a woman seriously, and they did have a son, but he couldn’t keep his gay side repressed.  OTOH, I think Gutting is just using this black woman as a beard; I get the feeling that there’s no there there in that marriage.  I mean, look at her, that’s no Tyra Banks or Halle Berry.

If all that and my speculation is right, it makes me wonder why any of them ever bothered.  Aren’t we all supposed to be more tolerant of LGBTQetc than we used to be?  Is not the modern academic environment the flagship of that tolerance?   Yet, even there, they feel the need to hide.




5 responses

19 08 2016

Gays seek positions of power and authority and then proceed to abuse it as much as possible. This story seems like a variation on that theme. I’m not going to follow the story but presumably some hilarious details will out.

OT: thoughts on the state of the race, Countenance, as we near the end of the dog days and prep for the final push?

19 08 2016

Easy for Trump. Just spend money, triangulate, be true to himself.

19 08 2016
Hard Right

The polls aren’t looking good. RCP already has her at 272.

19 08 2016
john jones

Younger guy is a Princeton PhD. That (still) impresses me.

With a name like Gutting perhaps he was destined to be a knife-murderer. Terrible way to die.

Think about this incident the next time you are tempted to “Trust the academy. They know better than us”.

19 08 2016
john jones

San Fran Chronicle is on the story, and it is the fifth hit on Google. That should tell you something right there.

“Police seek (((motive))) for deadly attack on Missouri professor”

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