Like the Woman Said, They Need Their Shit, They Need Their Weave

19 08 2016

Baton Rouge

Unknown is if and how badly the Baton Rouge flooding affected Bella Noche, because we know that:




4 responses

20 08 2016
Hard Right

I couldn’t understand a word of that niggerbabble, but it appears as though she was “working” that club.

20 08 2016
20 08 2016

the weave’s with the real, genuine “human” hair can cost up to a $1000. Due to head lice, bacteria ‘n sheeeit, they should be Replaced every coupla weeks but datz only practical for them soulful type Entertainers who can write their weaves off’n dere taxes….say-hey, gotta be able to “shake” yer genuine “human” hair while your shakin’ yer ass & gettin’ paid big bux to wiggle yer tonsils

For dem galz who ain’t been afro-Starz they’s shud at least get 6 weaves a year as part of their “benefits”, YT owes’em at least that

20 08 2016

Remind me to re-post the links to Tommy Sotomayor’s two long “weave university” videos in a bit. I’m not in a good position to do so right now.

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