Sunday Wrap-Up

21 08 2016

Finally home.  I didn’t stick around for the closing of the fair.


* The strange part is that while some of the Fergaza Strip hoopla also affected the Grand Avenue corridor between Lafayette south to Gravois, because that’s a difficult part of town full of literal diversity and a bunch of white or (((white))) leftist activists, that’s all it did.  I don’t remember what Slay did that was so great or consequential during the height of the hoopla.

I also take the fact that he’s starting to get fiery with his regionalism and social justice oratory to mean that, in spite of what I first thought when he first announced that he wasn’t seeking another term, he may be thinking about greener pastures, either elected or appointed.  In today’s Democrat Party, Slay knows on which side the bread is buttered.

I’m also amused about his bit about “we don’t care.”  Remember, one of the people that was SLPD Chief during the Slay years, in fact, it was the first Chief that Slay voted to approve after he became Mayor, (back in the pre-local control days when the mayor only had one ex officio seat out of five on the BOPC), instructed us not to care.

* Uh oh.  Get ready never to hear the end of it.  Lead is going to get the blame.  Think I’m kidding?  Lead paint was taken off the market not long after I was hatched, and it’s still getting the blame for the racial IQ gap (to the extent they allow us even to know about it) and the achievement gap.

* But then, this.

* Affirmative action in the SLPD?  Say it ain’t so, Sam!

Lest Dotson thinks that all this AA will mean better relations with the black undertow, all he needs is one word:  Milwaukee.

* LGBTQetc progressives in Tower Grove South are mad that there aren’t enough cops and they don’t seem to be around when black yoots get in the mood for armed robbery mashed up with hot wings.  But wait:  Don’t they know black lives matter, or black bodies, or enforcement gaps, or school to prison pipeline, or overincarceration, or something like that?

* Decline and Fall of SLSO.

* In spite of the lawsuits, there is something to be said for the quickie mart and fast feeder coffee being that hot.

As far as “it can happen anywhere,” after AFFH gets going, that will literally be true.

* Serves as a reminder that the transfer issue hasn’t gone away.  Unfortunately, even if it is eventually solved in our favor, AFFH will make it moot.

* I’m more interested in the fact that someone jacked an eight-year old for his bike than the fact that the cops were able to recover it.  That’s our Bell Curve City.

* Otherwise peaceful neighborhood, except the spot where it happens is a relatively big apartment farm near the city-county line that sits on top of small hills that overlook the shit creek.

* “Church’s Chicken” is where I hit WRPT.


* Is he, like, calling for more black bodies to be thrown in the white man’s evil prisons?

People convicted of second-degree murder in Illinois often do fewer than ten years, they must be released because of overcrowding.  What makes them think that state prisons will keep these people for their full terms or anything close, much less even accept them to begin with?  All this is just an attempt to pawn the blame for something off on someone else.  These humans are good for that.

* CompStat/SSL a flop.  I figured it would be.  Let’s say the CPD feeds a bunch of data into a supercomputer programmed with the latest greatest analytics and tells it to spit out the names of those most likely to be involved in “gun violence” either as vics and/or perps (and note the author of this article seems to be surprised that the two groups strongly overlap).  The reason I knew it would amount to nothing is two simple words:  Then What?  CPD gets the list of 426 people most likely to succeed (and that was the precise number).  What are they supposed to do with it?  Arrest them?  If they don’t already have warrants and there’s no probable cause, that’s unconstitutional.  Social services?  What, is Jenny the white liberal do-gooder is going to get down on her knees and beg N’Deshawntavious to behave?  Good luck with that.  The cops will pay them “visits” from time to time?  First off, they’re too scared to do anything close to that, especially now with the world breathing down their necks and the Eye of Sauron/Soros gazing upon them.  But even if they did, what credibility would it have among the 426 individuals?  Even these “visits” were just strongly worded warnings, that’s all they are.

On page 6 of the actual RAND report, we read that:

There is research evidence that targeting individuals who are the most criminally active can result in significant reductions in crime (Braga and Weisburd 2012; Gendreau et al. 1996; Lipsey 1999; Loeber and Farrington 1998; Martin and Sherman 1986; Sherman et al. 1997)…

You don’t say.  They needed six research studies over a quarter century to figure this out?  Braga, Weisburd, Gendreau, Lipsey, Loeber, Farrington, Martin, Sherman, Sherman and all the et als must be the densest SOBs on this side of the Orion Nebula.


* Leaked Soros docs:  The Soros glob wanted to use the media to intimidate SCOTUS to rule their way on US v Texas.  Why they were so worried, I don’t know, because even though the ruling went our way, it almost doesn’t matter.  However, media intimidation I think has affected SCOTUS decisions in the last handful of years.

* Crops rotting in the fields is used as a rationalization for open borders, but what do we do or say about crops rotting in the grocery store display?


* That’s our Baraq.  I’m surprised he didn’t actually include transgenders or transphobia.

* They come from Somalia, Congo, Sudan and Burma.  And even as bad as they had it where they came from, it wasn’t as bad as the invasive security and checks and pat downs they had to go through as students at a Lancaster, Penn. alternative school.  They’re either fibbing, or it goes to show you what a state that NAM-heavy American schools are in.  This school is 68% Hispanic and 26% black.

* See also:  Just about everyone else that works for a living.  One might also wonder why the cause of their stress isn’t discussed.

* “Hey, I’m gay.”  And the world reacts:  “Yawn.”  They wanted to be accepted, and they won.  They can sustain the we’re special look at us and we’re just like everyone else forked tongue sociopolitics for awhile, but not for ever.

* Don’t complain too loud, because the next step will be to AFFH them next door to you.

* OTOH, at least the people who stole your car are interested in safe sex.

* WM markets to everyone, Target markets to relative niche demographics.

Easy enough.

About the 18-year old who was nailed for trying to steal a microwave:  His mother said that he wants to go into the military, yet he graduated from high school in May or June, and now he’s busted in August for shoplifting.  Why isn’t he already bunking with his Uncle Sam?  Answer:  Because he doesn’t want to, it’s just an all-purpose excuse that’s trotted out in an attempt to play a GOOJF card.

* Network that appeals to older white leftists is mad to discover that most of their internet commenters are old white people.  I actually think the key takeaway is that half of all NPR website comments come from only 2,600 people.  Though the fact that a relatively small group of people come to dominate the activities of a large institution isn’t breaking news, it’s human nature.  And I’m writing this as someone who comments way too much on another website we all know and love.

* You can lead diversity to water…

* Why it matters:  Income and wealth inequality qua itself is a fact of life.  Increasing burgeoning inequality is the problem, and indicative of an upstream issue that needs to be fixed.

* This, proving once again that nicknames and team mascots are a BFD only to the kind of “Indian” (feather, not dot) activists who spend all their lives in big cities and wouldn’t survive one night on a reservation.

* In her missive, the biggest hole is that she doesn’t realize that the whole modern (and not so modern) egalitarian project has as its genesis white liberal elitism, a classist-ideological desire to boast that they’re better than all those other icky sticky yucky ducky white people.

* It may seem that way, but what is really going on in these “safe spaces” are young people of a tribe conquering territory on behalf of their tribe.  Which is nowhere near a new thing for humanity.  You’ll find that so much of everything that seems to be new is nothing more than a new spin on old.  Like I’ve been saying, also relating to the modern college environment, the mania about “rape culture” and stringing men up without due process is nothing more than a sublimated collective desire for middle aged men to keep the young men away from their daughters.  Also something that’s as old as the hills.

* Here’s the thing.  I don’t consider this a problem, and I surely don’t consider it to be a good political weapon, even though the other side won’t lay down their very similar political weapons.  The reason I don’t think it’s a problem is because it’s human reality.  It goes back to the uncleared air about Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments of about four years ago.  Governments and states are established because collectives of a relatively like people and certain crucial and sympathetic relatively if not absolutely defenseless individuals within the collective can’t do for themselves or defend themselves as well as the stronger more capable individuals within the collective are able to.  Capable adult men in the 25-70 age range are doing pretty much all the heavy lifting, with a supporting role from middle to upper middle aged women, for everyone else, you say?  That’s the way it should be, that’s a fact of life.  Likewise, a big share of the forty seven percent of Romney lore are dependent because they should be dependent.  Let me put it to you this way:  Would you rather have your 90-year old grandmother be dependent or dead?  I rest my case.  Also, remember that women in a much younger age range serve an extremely crucial biological function.


* The disaster that wasn’t, and remember, this is coming from a Remain paper.

* Don’t publish too many of these articles, or people will start to wonder if accepting these “refugees” is such a good idea.

* The moral of this story isn’t political, or economic, it’s HBD.

* That’s a start.  Now, ask yourself if it’s an accident or deliberate.  Once you find out it’s deliberate, start looking into who and why.

* SHOT:  Germany accuses Turkey of provoking the Jihadist side in the Syrian conflict.  CHASER:  Germany admits hundreds of thousands of Syrians.

* Biden just told the truth.  To the victor go the spoils, one of which is constitution-writing.  We basically also wrote the West German constitution (“Basic Law”), which became the governing document for the post-1990 reunited Germany, as German reunification was nothing more than the former East joining the West.  What it also means is that these are the kinds of documents we would be writing for ourselves if we were tasked to do so in the latter half of the 1940s instead of the latter half of the 1780s.

* That kind of thing doesn’t work.  Two words:  South Africa.

* Fury?  Is that anything like outrage?  Or is it just an old model from a depreciated Chrysler brand?  If it’s the former, then that’s all it will be. Fury, to be followed by more fury, and lighting candles in between and promising to take back the streets.  Just don’t be so hateful as to notice any patterns.


* The untold storyline of Rio:  All the empty seats.  I don’t think I ever saw a full track stadium, and that’s supposed to be one of the marquee sports.  Swimming was full, but because its seating capacity is lower, and because of Michael Phelps.

* Japan finished second in the men’s 4×100 on Friday night.  I noticed something weird about the man who ran their anchor leg.  Didn’t look quite so Japanese.

Frankly, I expected better of Japan.

* Perils of the word that is Latin for black.  In Olympics coverage, each country has a three letter code.  I noticed early on, the code for Nigeria was NIG.  (Go ahead, you know you wanna.)  I wondered if anyone at NBC would notice that and fix it before the SJWs started raging.  The answer must have been yes, because the next time I saw Nigeria, the three letter code was changed to NGR.  Which, honestly, isn’t much better.

* I think Great Britain has the best Olympics pound for pound, 66 medals, third place, only a few behind China, but don’t forget, they’re working with a much smaller population than either China or the United States.  And most of the winners were real Britons, not Mo Farah type immigrant ringers.

* A disappointing medal haul was the host nation.  Usually, countries punch over their weight in two instances:  During Olympics when they’re the next host four years hence, and when they’re the host.  Brazil won 19 medals in Rio, compared to 17 in London four years ago and 16 in Beijing eight years ago.  Though since they won the soccer gold, they’re probably not all that disappointed; they’d be just as happy and it would be all the same to them if that was the only one.

* China has been on the wrong track, too.  110 when they hosted in Beijing, 88 in London, 70 in Rio.

* Did you know that some Soviet Union era world and Olympic records still stand?  It’s kinda weird, seeing before an event, NBC flash the WR and OR, and showing the flag of a country that hasn’t legally existed for a quarter century.  On that subject, the USSR went out of business just as ccTLD codes were being determined, and German reunification happened just before then.  The Soviet Union would have been .su, and East Germany would have been .dd.  Remember, the USSR existed for the 1988 games, both summer and winter, and was gone for the 1992 Games, showing no overt signs as late as 1988 of what was to come.  That shows you how fast things can change, and when I say that, I mean that the bell does not toll for them only.

* These will be the last Olympics for awhile where American TV audiences get to see prime time action live, as Rio’s time zone is one hour ahead of US Eastern this time of year.  Usually, we know the results before we get to see them on TV, when the Olympics are held in another part of the world.  And, the next three Games will all be held in East Asia, meaning what we see will be well behind reality.

* SJWs always have no sense of humor.


* There’s a supernova forecast for NGC 3109 tomorrow, so note to self:  Put on a stronger-grade sunscreen and wear a hat.

* Onward and upward.  As great as Hubble has been, note that the Chilean telescope, which is terrestrial, not in orbit, albeit at high altitude, will be giving us ten times sharper imagery than Hubble.

* Life’s hard out there for a lesbian black woman in interracial relationships.

It’s complicated.

* The same people who are mad at body shaming are doing their best to use their cultural power to redefine beauty to where having this kind of body isn’t shameful.

* If this fifth force of nature exists, how will it affect the formulation of string theory?

* At one point will all this extra speed not matter?  I’ve wrote here several times that the effect of increasing speed isn’t that existing pages load that much faster, it’s that pages will get loaded down with more and more rhinestones.  It’s a derivative of the thing that is improperly called Say’s Law, supply creates its own demand.  That’s what happened as we moved from dialup in the Web 1.0 era to copper broadband in the Web 2.0 era.  Sure, when we all get our gigabit tiers, every webpage will foist a 4K 3D autoplaying video in your snoot.  But what could possibly fill the bandwidth of even the most cutting edge Li-Fi in order to slow it down to dialup page loading speeds of the Web 1.0 era?

* Just don’t use Windows as it OS, otherwise, “my brain blue screened” will become literal.

* GamerGate was the alt-right’s first foray into insurgent activism.  In fact, it’s how many people who are familiar with the concept and the movement came to learn of it.  It’s also how Milo, though not alt-right himself, came to become sympathetic to it and an apologist for it, because he was Breitbart’s gaming and tech editor when the whole thing popped off, and naturally he was and is on GamerGate’s side.

* So, we owe this all to beer.  The winner is about half of all country music songs ever cut, the loser is the annals of the temperance and prohibitionist movements.

* Revenge.  The rare sort, like black swimmers and white sprinters that win Olympic medals.

* ESPN used to be a channel that showed and discussed sports.  Now it discusses social justice and occasionally intersperses it with a sports highlight.

Not enough social justice.  As in, more cowbell, gotta have more cowbell.

* Don’t even think about it.  Not complimenting him is also racist.

* And for one last curiosity.  I don’t know which is more curious, that the kid know his mother’s fancy in adult beverages, or that two of the three tasks of this assignment involved merely writing a word that was already printed on the sheet.





15 responses

21 08 2016

Late entry. American, and by that, I mean the boy next door type, not some east African ringer, took the bronze in the marathon.

21 08 2016

Something else that occurred to me. If something big was happening inside a stadium or arena, once upon a time, there would be so many camera flash bulbs going off that it would create a sparkling effect viewed from inside or above. Now you don’t see that anymore; I guess smartphone camera bulbs aren’t that bright.

21 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

That, and whatever the equivalent of “ASA” or “ANSI” numbers are for digital photography are far greater than what was available in the films used in Instamatics and the like. It didn’t matter anyway: even a big flashbulb will have no effect at a range greater than about 25 feet.

21 08 2016

beer is just a way to store calories, obviously something that a burgeoning civilization would find useful.

21 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Re the Fergaza Strip hoopla and literal diversity: why not just say “Jewish” instead of that cutsie-pie, coy ” ((( ))) ” nonsense? It’s YOUR website; no one will censor it or ban your account.

Lead and low achievement: I read somewhere – not sure where or I’d offer a link – that ingested lead is not all that dangerous if the child involved has decent nutrition as well. I went to schools built in 1918 and the early 1920s. None of us were showing signs of retardation, being defective, excuse me, developmental issues. Many went on to receive full-boat scholarships, in real majors, at fine schools, and they were not awarded based on the ability to bounce or throw a ball.

Tower Grove South: More than “normals,” LGB etc are only too aware of the issues regarding “yoots”, “stoonts”, “teens”, or what-have-you. Our racial awareness is quite strong; it is the groups that say they speak for us that show all the concern. We know better.

SLSO: That makes me sad.

Hot Java: “Police did NOT release surveillance video…” Translation: the carjacker is a Negro.

Stolen bike: “spray painted gold”. Translation: the bikejacker is a Negro. Variation on that theme: years ago, a young neighbor of a friend of mine in a “mixed” neighborhood came around offering to mow the lawn for a few bucks. The kid was sporting a Honda lawnmower. Honda mowers had just hit the market a year or so before, so virtually all would still be in original condition and Honda Red. This one was – you guessed it – sprayed gold, and crudely. My friend – a Portland PD police auxiliary member – admired the mower, and bent down for a closer look, managing to memorize the serial number. While the kid was mowing the lawn, the serial came up in a list of stolen property from a burglary nearby. The kid did not get a chance to finish the mowing.

Shrewsbury carjacking: When that big guy with the vanDyke beard prattled on and on about poverty and inequality, I wanted to reach through my monitor and choke him! “Police said two men, both in the early 20’s…” but no further description tells me the carjackers were Negroes.

Fruit rotting at the farm; this is the bigger story.

“I did not get the school I deserved”: Then, go home.

Gay senate candidate: I don’t care at all. What I care about is is stance on the issues.

Guns and Condoms: I read the New Sentinel story and noted the botched handling of the vehicle. The thieves will walk on this one because the chain of evidence has been so badly compromised. Combined with the runarounds the victims got, I have to wonder: How many involved are dindus covering up the stupidity of other dindus? “Green issued Cox the lowest level of disciplinary action under the Police Department’s policy. Cox has been with the agency five years and has not undergone any discipline for more than a year…” certainly indicates a problem, dindu or not.

Walmart: The ONLY major retailer that has reserved Police parking at virtually EVERY one of their stores. Do I go to WalMart? Yes, I do. Some of their pricing IS outstanding. But, I don’t go after sunset, and I always size up the crowd when I DO go. Question: if the police are finding WalMart to be such a problem, can WalMart’s store business licenses be contested, like when a local tavern or “club” becomes a magnet for crime?

NPR: I hope those old white males start withholding their pledges. When they had programming I liked (classical and jazz music, some of the commentary programs like Fresh Air back when it was good), I contributed. Haven’t in years, as it is almost all leftist and feminist pap now. And, where’d the music go?

Rape culture and safe spaces: I don’t think it is men trying to keep the youth away from their daughters. I think this nonsense is all generated by ugly women craving attention, ie: feminists. Regarding the special courses for special people: the colleges should offer courses that are pertinent to one’s course of study, period. If the females and soot-flakes don’t like it, there are always places like Vassar and Fisk.

Japan and the 4×100: the Japanese don’t admit blacks to their country very much at all. But, I guess like any other country, where money is to be made, anything is possible, or acceptable. Does Asuka Cambridge realise he’s a pet?

SJWs and humor brings to mind a cartoon in Willamette Week decades ago: “We have no humor section; this is a FEMINIST bookstore!”

Douche-awn Watson: OK, I will say nothing and let you think I am racist. You’ll think that of me simply by my color anyway, so why should I waste the energy to say anything?

21 08 2016


21 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly


22 08 2016
Hard Right

888 =~ tl;dr

21 08 2016
David In TN

“His mother said that he wants to go into the military.”

During the Vietnam War, judges would sometimes grant this request.

21 08 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

David: I recall that era. The service was so desperate for cannon fodder that they would take them. When all of that ended, they could be more selective. Well, more selective until quota-enlistees and affirmative action promotions and assignments kicked in.

21 08 2016

“Last fall, Riverview Gardens scored so highly on the state’s annual performance report that it qualified for full accreditation for the first time in at least a decade.” – Is that the school district everyone was worried about not getting Accredited? If so its pretty funny that they managed just in the nick of time.

21 08 2016
Alex the Goon

The Brexitgeddon that wasn’t – Maybe it didn’t happen, because the money changers believe the pols will take turns forestalling and delaying it, until the Exit never happens at all.
To the victor go the spoils, one of which is constitution-writing. – Does anyone remember which war caused ours to be rewritten?
the man who ran their anchor leg. Didn’t look quite so Japanese. – He’s turning japanese. It’s a process.
NIG/NGR – Last time I watched the games, NGR was Nigger With One Gee, and NGA was Niggeria With One Gee.
The Ellen meme – Now the monkeys get to complain about having a human on their back.

21 08 2016

Will have to check, but I think the 121 total American medals is the most by any one country in any one games.

23 08 2016
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