He’s Got the Hook Up

22 08 2016


Deray gets a second job.

Though since his first job is in Baltimore and his second job is in Chicago, one wonders how he’ll be able to do both.

Except we know he won’t really be doing either one:  Both jobs are no-show giveaways and sinecures.

Also, I wonder how he was able to nab a position at the University of Chicago.  Scratching my head, but I think I’ve heard of two very prominent people who were once associated with the school.  If memory serves, I’ve been claiming that Deray is in a relationship with one of them.

Now all Deray needs to do is find a good choom gang to join, and he’s on his way to being the next hopeychanger.




One response

23 08 2016
Dale Gribble

Or was Barry Choom trying to get him out of town because Reggie Love was jealous

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