Unilateral Disarmament

22 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

This is why lamestream conservatism is becoming obsolete, and the Trump candidacy has made it obvious:

It is telling white people to disarm tribally, and while it engages in half-hearted demands that non-white groups to do the same, that won’t ever happen, and especially not because NR asks them to.  As if non-white identity group tribal activists even read NR much less take it as an instruction manual.


It would also be a disaster for conservatism to become associated with white identity politics.

I don’t think there’s any danger of that.  I think the bigger problem in the last quarter century was the opposite one, that white identity politics, nationalists of various sorts, the alt-right or its precursors, or rough equivalents, tried to piggyback off of and attempt bank shots off of lamestream conservatism.  Doesn’t matter anymore, because the Trump campaign has set in series a set of events that will result in a Berlin Wall being built between the two sides.





8 responses

22 08 2016
Avenge Harambe

The irony of Jonah Goldberg lecturing us about identity politics…too rich.

If and when the day of the rope does come, these cucks at NR need to be the first ones to swing from the lamp posts. Ether that, or a one way ticket to experience the joys of Liberia first hand.

22 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

These jews irrationally believe they can survive a shitstorm when it hits because they can escape it and come back. There’s no coming back from this. America and England thought Hitler and the NSDAP were irrational for expelling jews. No more. Now all Whites see how hateful and useless they are to White Society. They are something that can never co-exist with us, at any scale or level.
Whites realize now they have been sold a bill of goods. There is nothing wrong with self-interest, and no amount of charity or good will makes racial others anything more or less than enemies.

22 08 2016

They want the shitstorm that is coming their way. Don’t you understand their motivation?? Don’t you understand by turning the civilized Christian faithful into irrational Jew killers they will destroy Christianity.

22 08 2016

Yes, control-f that article for “jew” and get no results, who does this oven-dodger think he’s fooling, at this late date. Oh, Jonah.

22 08 2016
22 08 2016
Hard Right

I didn’t think it was all that bad compared to some of the shit he’s written. At least he understands why “white identity” politics are growing.

23 08 2016

I see National Review has gone over to letting Facebook vet their comments. Isn’t that just perfect, doesn’t it just sum up what these quislings are all about.

23 08 2016

The leftist establishment has successfully elected a new people (with treasonous Republican help), they don’t need the Jonah Goldbergs of this world to keep white people on the plantation anymore. You’re obsolete. The Republicans have been winking and nodding and dog whistling at their overwhelmingly white constituency for decades, pretending to care about the culture and issues that mattered to those constituents, while actually doing almost nothing for them. Dog whistling isn’t going to work on whites once they become a hated minority in the country built by their ancestors. The oppression and robbery will be all too obvious and inescapable. Nor will telling that minority, and ONLY that minority, to adopt racially neutral beliefs. Atomizing a minority in an empire of competing racial blocs simply sets that minority up for worse exploitation. You’re going to find your customers simply drifting away from an irrelevant message. Particularly since your support for open borders is making the Republican party a permanent minority party without the power to do anything for their constituents anyway. Voting Republican in the near future will be nothing but a useless protest vote, like voting Green or Libertarian.

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