Defining Alt-Right (For the Benefit of the Curious)

23 08 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

In advance of what will be a media feeding frenzy and vastly increased internet traffic tomorrow at and about the alt-right proceeding HRC’s Reno, Nevada speech denouncing it, I want to make a post that I know will probably get a lot of curious look-sees, and one that I know is repetitive.

Once again, here is my proposed definition of alt-right:

The alt-right is the space of the political right consisting of people whose rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, and at the same time are not comfortable with associating with the incumbent categories of modern rightist politics.

I think the key word is chiefly.  Lots of people and groups have anti-egalitarian proclivities and sympathies, but that does not mean that that is the defining and central locus of their politics, and therefore, they’re not alt-right.  However, I think that is one mistake that’s going to be made very often starting tomorrow, throwing the net out there far too widely.  You can read my other observations in my previous linked posts.




9 responses

23 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Actually I would say the Alt-Right is a revolt against the dystopian dysfunction that egalitarian policies have wrought. Seeing pictures of what America was like in old movies from the 1960s where White kids spent all day surfing and going to places in the city to have fun without mobs of dirty angry dark skinned orcs seems like paradise to those whose lives have been “enriched” with the turnkey existence of parents being afraid of their children going out into the warzone of Grand Theft America diverse shitty.
What we should worry about is not the unsustainability of Peak Oil and consumerism, but the unsustainability of expecting low IQ dark skinned detritus to maintain Western Civilization. Places like Haiti and Detroit attest to the total incapacity of the dark races to even understand the basics of clean water, infrastructure or law and order. The only climate change we need is to Whiten our schools, neighborhoods and society. With White populations, the crime is low, the economy is growing, taxes need not be a huge burden and citizens can hope for the future of their children again. Algore can SUCK IT. Its not carbon dioxide killing us, its the mistaken belief that White people can be replaced with ignorant savages that never invented the Wheel.

25 08 2016

But we CAN be replaced, Joshua.

And when things to go shit with the passing of the great race, there will be two kinds of reactions.

The brighter, with a sense of memory, will have a wistful and confused recollection of something better that flits across their mentation from time to time.

The dimmer will be perfectly at home in Haiti and Detroit. Perhaps more so, since the horrible whites won’t be around creating environments and living lives that they lust over and demand to be given.

BTW, where I come from in the 1960s, we didn’t have surfboards. We had race riots, massive job loss (“deindustrialization”), staggering air and water pollution, devastating service in Nam, and the constant threat of nuclear war.

The TV vision you hold as religious ikon of the lost past? That was (((created by nonwhites))) to erase our lives while they held up those of blacks, in their ongoing campaign to erase Europeans.

23 08 2016
David In TN

Yes, I wonder what young people think when they see movies from the 50’s and 60’s “where white kids spend all day surfing and going to places in the city to have fun without mobs of dirty angry dark skinned orcs…”

As indicated from previous posts, I’m old enough to have lived in that time.

24 08 2016
Hard Right

You’re ahead of Vox :)

24 08 2016

I commented in that thread.

24 08 2016
Hard Right

Somebody replied to you on page two. Not sure if he understands what you were saying.

24 08 2016
Hard Right

24 08 2016
25 08 2016

My people were in the European north for 50,000 years, created social bonds, tools, communities, clans, vehicles for traveling waterways, trade, music, calendars, art, structures for living, sewn clothing, and oral epics.

Christianity arrived for the last 1,000 of that.

If per VD’s point, the alt-Right rejects the first 49,000 (more in Finland, btw) in favor of the last 1,000, then it can bite me as just another Jewish/Abrahamic invasion, exactly like the ones underway with global finance and Islam.

Christianity did not make our people. Our people were already there. We made the modern world in spite of Christianity, not because of it. Our genome was largely in place. Nowhere else in the world did Christianity produce similar results. Western civilization didn’t fail because westerners abandoned Christianity; western civilization is failing because Abrahamics got the upper hand and began abandoning westerners once they stole our DNA and inventions.

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