Grift Away

23 08 2016

Washington, D.C.

I wanted to call attention this nine-day old article in Politico before I totally forget about it and it gets stale in my hopper.

I kinda knew about this roughly, but I didn’t know how bad the problem was until I read this from front to back.  As much as the bipartisan IRSgate scandal hurt the movement and its ability to raise money, what turned out to be even worse was what you read in this article, the conga line of hustlers and grifters who swooped in and swooped down and drained the money the TPM and its foot soldiers were able to raise and contribute and pass around.  Conservatism Inc is a beast that always needs to be fed, and it just found a new source of blood.  But it’s not the first time:  It has been estimated that various Conservatism Inc beggar groups raised a half a billion dollars in the forty years from 1975 to 2005 just off of the concept of peddling Constitutional amendments that had almost no chance of being enacted.  The only Constitutional amendment enacted during that time period came off a college student’s political science thesis.

Doesn’t matter, the Trump candidacy and the alt-right have succeeded much of the TPM, and those from it that don’t want to come along have been pretty much jettisoned into interstellar space.

Speaking of the alt-right, what made me call your attention to this article is Vox Day’s post about it today.  He reacts:

Don’t even think about supporting any big-money Alt-Right PACs that come into being in the next 2-5 years. If the real Alt-Right figures want your support, we’ll not only request it directly, but we’ll do so for specific purposes and projects whose progress you can track for yourself. We don’t play the “overhead” game.

I think the reason why that won’t really be a problem is that the alt-right consists of cynical younger people who see a scam behind everyone asking for a handout and jilted refugees from the TPM who don’t want to be shamed by being fooled twice.






4 responses

23 08 2016

Lifezette gets in the lifeboat:

The cucks are almost universally mad at this article, thinking that Laura Ingraham has jilted them for the alt-right. I don’t think that has actually happened; in truth, this article is a confused and garbled hot mess which tries to triangulate against the cucks and the alt-right.

24 08 2016
David In TN

Triangulation is kind of a neocon thing. Start forward, back up, start again, etc.

23 08 2016

“you aren’t the real conservatives!” – We don’t care.

23 08 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Conservative has died a quick death. Only the neo-cohen Israeli wing and the Lincoln Log Cabin foam boys like Rubio the wrongway are left in the house that Lincoln died in.
Alt-Right isn’t just new blood, its hungry and itching for a fight. Its not interested in manners or dignity, and just wants results. They’ve seen there are no rules, and they’ll keep it dirty as the opposition. They don’t know what they’re in for. Their cheap labels like racist ain’t getting them anything now.

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